Well the weekend is approaching fast and for a lot of people that means they will be out consuming lots of alcohol. To me it means I get to spend some quality time with my family and that I can hopefully get a few early morning bike miles in .


Looking at the weather forecast for this weekend it looks dry and fairly still so hopefully I should be able to get a couple of 35+ mile rides in . At this moment of time I am intending to use my Sigma road bike by Chas Roberts for at least one of the rides on what ever route I take .


Sigma by Roberts

This is a fairly new bike to me and is still undergoing evaluation as to whether it will be kept or sold.  So far, on the couple of short 12 mile rides that it has been used for all has gone well but I must admit the gearing on the bike does not lend it self to any hill climbing activities very easily . Luckily enough there are not that many steep or long hills on any of my usual routes .


Sigma by Roberts

In a previous life this bike was used for either time trials or road racing from what I was told , hence the gearing . The rest of the bike is ideal and should not cause me any issues or problems . It’s a nicely made frame using Reynolds 531 competition tubing from around 1995 and is fitted with nice Shimano 105 groupset that all works as good as the day it was fitted. It does not look like it has had a hard life at all with just a few storage related marks on the paintwork . The seat cluster on this bike is one of the nicest ones I have seen and is a very good indication of a quality frame by somebody who takes pride in his workmanship .


Sigma by Roberts

The only modifications I have made to the bike is the fitment of one of my Selle Smp lite 209 saddles along with garmin mounts for my camera and trip computer units, a set of lights and a pump assembly .


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  1. Hello,

    First, I like seat post cluster on both bikes. Of course, the “Ian May” is more my style. 😉
    A bit of useless info. Europeans make up about 15% of the world population, but consume ~50% of the alcoholic beverages produced. Sorry, but no idea how we Americans compare.



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