My 4th And Latest Ian May

My latest Ian May bike arrived about 6 – 7 weeks ago and once I had given it a mechanical overhaul I started using it , first of all for short journeys just to make sure all was ok after doing a lot of work . Once I was confident and had made any minor adjustments that were needed I started to use it on some 10 – 15 miles loops , after doing these a few times it became my main bike .


Ian May 4th

I was attracted to it once I saw the initial advert by the seat cluster arrangement and the close clearance look of the frame. Once it arrived with me I could see that this certainly should be a nice quality machine as nobody goes to the effort of making a frame up with Campagnola front and rear drop outs never mind that seat cluster arrangement and the profile of the front forks which I hadn’t noticed at first .


Ian May 4th

The frame number shows that it’s not an Ian May made frame according to the normal numbering system he looks to have used . My initial thoughts were of it being an early 1990’s frame but I soon realized it’s actually a bit older as it has standard nut type brake caliper mounting points and a 126mm rear dropout measurement .


Ian May 4th

The paintwork is not great and has quite a lot of patina and slight rusting , but not enough to warrant a refinish in my mind . Once I started covering some miles on this bike it started to grow on me a lot . I could not state a single reason why but as an overall product it certainly has made an impression on me . The quality of the components used are nothing special but they all fit and provide a great bike to ride in my mind .


Ian May 4th

I can only presume this was a frameset that was either bought in for a special customer order or perhaps an Ian May customer had it refinished along with some Ian May decals applied at the same time . It’s a great shame the bike’s history is not documented and passed from owner to owner .


Ian May 4th

This forthcoming weekend should see this bike having all of my personal bits removed and put up for sale , which i might regret at some point in the future …. But you can’t keep them all can you .


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