Mr and Mrs Bromwich

When I was told about this pair of Tom Bromwich bikes I was on my way up the A14 quicker than you can say Cantona for England Manager .



I collected both genuine late 78/9 machines from the original owners son in law . The only difference is that the mans is a 21 1/2″whilst the ladies is a 20″ sized frame . Both are in clean original condition . Chromed steel rims with a flip flop hub , 26.4 dia post so poss Reynolds tubing , nicklin cranks , huret mechanism and levers . Gents frame no is 2409 whilst the ladies is 432 .



As soon as I got them home I pumped up the tyres and just had to take them both for a little ride, they are both very smooth considering they have not been used for 10+ years .



Initial inspection revealed both machine would need all bearings to be stripped and cleaned with some fresh grease , the wheel rims will need a gentle bit of work with the wire wool to remove the light rusting and I should think new tyres will be required as the side walls are cracked .



Well, work started yesterday 23/07/16 on the ladies bike by stripping the bottom bracket down which all came apart an awful lot easier than I expected especially with my 50p car boot spanner , neither of the cups were seized and both came out easily and revealed a nice TDC 69 crank spindle with traces of dirty grease in the cups and on the bearings as to be expected. They look like they will clean up nicely .




Next job is to clean up the Nicklin crank and then refit the whole lot and move on to the headset . Before doing the wheel bearings and finishing off with some new cables and tyres if required .


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