A good friend of mine asked me “Do you test your bikes after you have done repairs on them ?”



Simple reply is yes I do, no matter what work I have done , my normal routine after acquiring a new bike to me is if it’s safe to ride then give it a gentle ride around the block and try and do an evaluation of what work is required .
I normally start with replacing the inner and outer brake cables where required along with gear cables , tyres , inner tubes , brake pads along with overhauling the bottom bracket and headsets and hub rearing and any truing up of wheels if required . 


Continantal TourRIDE

As the majority of bikes I sell come to me after not being used for a few years there are not many that don’t need all the above doing just to make them safe to ride never mind anything else . Once the work has been done the testing process begins with a couple of gentle loops of a 1.5 mile circuit any required adjustments or further repairs are done and the testing process continues . Once I am happy on these short loops I do slightly longer loops till I feel confident enough to tackle one of my normal 12 miles loops after a couple of these have been completed without any issues the bike then moves across in to my riding fleet where it will be used for any number of 25+ mile rides till I have covered at least 75 – 100 miles without any reliability issues .



During the above process I also make the decision if the bike is to be a keeper or not, if not it is given another clean and then put up for sale .
So as you can see the vast majority of bikes I sell really are ready for the next adventure with their new owner , some bikes are sold as projects for other people who enjoy tinkering with bikes to do what they want to .

W & E Pollard

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  1. And the tinkering continues after they leave you Martin. Polly and I have just gone through 700 miles since I picked her up from you. She is riden most days for work and the occasional social jolly the parts list so far is; tyres, tubes, bar tape, nos dura ace levers, inner and outer cables throughout, dura ace cable clamps, serious love to the Brooks, new seat post, full service and lube, brake blocks, saddle bag, chain and I’m currently looking at some alloy rims to rebuild the Normandy hubs. Still plenty to do but there’s always something else to do!

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