All Change

It’s that time again where I swap my bikes around and dust off some of the ones that have not seen any regular use for a few months , a few weeks ago I got Ian May the first back on the road and have so far covered approx 200 miles on it .


Ian May

This month it’s the turn of the Tony Butterworth decaled bike to feel some fresh tarmac under its wheels, again this bike has been in my custody for about 18 months and has seen very little use in its whole life , I covered about 120 miles last summer on it before it was put up for sale . Although I have had a few enquiries about it, nobody has handed over pound notes for it yet .


Tony Butterworth

It’s a nice, fairly light weight bike being made with butted Tange steel tubes and matching forks that is finished in a nice shade of blue paintwork with matching white decals . From what I found out from the previous owner he bought it as a frameset after it had sat in Tony Butterworth’s Sheffield shop for a fair while and when said shop changed owners it was reduced to clear and was sold to the gentleman I bought it from who built it up using a mixture of new and low mileage used parts .


Tony Butterworth

It sits on a nice set of Shimano rs10 wheels with semi aero rims and matching Shimano hubs , truativ crankset , Shimano Tiagra sti units and mechanisms along with a set of Radius calipers . It has a nice quill to A-head stem converter with a 110 mm planet x stem and a wide set of matching black anatomical profile drop bars along with a black Kalloy microadjust seat post that currently has my Selle smp lite 209 saddle on .

London Im2 069

Shimano rs10

The bike rides and handles as good as many other better known brands but has the kudos of being different to everybody else . The blue paintwork is as near to immaculate as you would expect and can get . It simply glides along without too much effort and soaks up any lumps and bumps thrown at it as any quality steel frame does .


Tony Butterworth

In one respect I would love to see this bike sold and being used on a more regular basis but for the time being I am looking forward to clocking up some miles on it over the next few weeks . When you think of what else you get for sub £300 this represents good value for money in my mind .


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