Year to date update

Well it’s June 2016 already and we are fast approaching the half way point in the year , so I thought I would add up all my monthly miles so far and see how I am doing against my yearly target of 4000 miles .

At the end of May 2016 I have recorded a total of 1717 miles which gives me a monthly average of 343 miles with an all time high of 551 recorded in the month of May 2016 . All these miles have been done on steel framed bikes without a touch of alloy or carbon in sight , some have been done on a single speed bike whilst others have been done on a bike equipped with a 4 speed sturmey archer rear hub and the remainder have been done on various multi speed bikes .


Raleigh Roadster

Most of these miles have been completed on early morning rides either on a Saturday or Sunday whilst the vast majority of people are still tucked up in bed asleep . On average about 35 miles per week are covered going back and forwards to work via the local cycle paths . Most of my leisure rides are around the 30 mile length as I try not be out for more than 2 hours at a time so as not to eat in to family time .


Harry Quinn

 I am trying to build up to a 50 mile sunrise or sunset ride which is obviously going to take longer than my normal 2 hour riding time , I have almost finalised my route for this ride, I just have a couple of small changes and trials to do first . Once this route is finalised I will do a test ride to make sure it’s enjoyable and has the right feel to it .


From memory the following bikes have been used to cover these miles , mid 90’s Marin Bear Valley , 1950’S Raleigh Roadster , 1984 Wester Ross , 90’s Ian May , 60’s Harry Quinn , 90’s Dawes Galaxy Tour and a Lee Cooper that is only a couple of years old . So as you can see a real mixture of bikes but all steel framed . In the nest week or two a 80’s Peugoet 531 Super Competition will start doing some test miles along with a tidy Tony Butterworth road bike as I try to ensure all of my bikes get used rather than just being garage queens.


During some of these rides the following Gearbest products have been used



2 thoughts on “Year to date update

  1. Way to go! I wish I had as much ambition. Are there organized century or half century rides in your area? Back in the day, I rode one these at least once a month for about 9 of the year. Often, we did these as a family. The dear wife completed many as an individual or with me on our tandem.



  2. Yes local ctc and a few bike shops run rides most Saturday mornings but they go out a bit later which would eat in to our family time . And not sure they would take kindly to me stopping for pictures every so often .

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