My Cycling Bucket List

How many of us have a bucket list ?

I keep thinking how I ought to have one just for my cycling activities , so here is my first go at what would be on there .

To complete a 50 mile ride that takes in either the sunrise or sunset

To own a nice original 50’s or 60’s road bike that can be used rather than just for looking at

R.E.W Reynolds

To do more of my own fettling and be less reliant on my local bike shop

R.E.W Reynolds bb1

To try and do on average 330 miles a month that will take me close to 4000 mile a year target

To do at least 2 rides of over 3 miles in total with my partner on our tandem per month

To keep supplying good quality retro road bikes to fellow cyclist’s


Wester Ross

To continue my search for nice Coventry and Merseyside built bikes that can join my ever expanding collection

lee Cooper

To have a new steel frame built to order for myself

To cycle in a foreign country

To compete in at least 1 sportive using a retro bike

To help and encourage others to use a bike for commuting on

So as you can see there is enough on there to be getting on with for the time being , but the most important thing is to keep on enjoying my tinkering and cycling activities on retro road bikes .


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