Cycling Buddies

So do all of your cycling buddies match your image ?


There are certain cyclists who will only ride with a group of other like minded and equipped  cyclists . And these normally all ride individual bikes that a lot of people earn in a working week or two .

B H Stevlo

I see quite a few of these groups when I am out and about and the vast majority of them are all wearing the same colour and style cycling tops and jackets .


These groups are not keen on outsiders joining who don’t follow suit but then would you want to join up with them ?

I often feel like turning up for one of these rides on one of my old retro steel bikes just for the shear fun of it and to see the look on their faces .


Raleigh Roadster

I am more than happy cycling either by myself or with somebody else , and what they are wearing or riding does not worry me in the least , as long as they are happy that’s all that matters . As the way I see it no matter what you ride or wear it’s not going to make a huge difference to your cycling .


It’s strange but the last few rides I have done have been in the company of a very like minded person, it’s quite spooky but we even have very similar bikes and wear similar clothing .



2 thoughts on “Cycling Buddies

  1. It’s not about what you wear or what type of bike you ride, its the fact that you ride thats important whether it’s with friends or on your own, there’s special feeling being out on your bike. Hopefully you and your spooky mate will enjoy a ride along the leafy Leicestershire lanes later in the summer

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