What do you think makes the world go around ?

I know a lot of people think it’s money.


Others might think that it’s love.


But as many cyclists know its the humble old pedal that makes our world go around .


Raleigh Roadster

It could be the far from elegant rubber blocked affair to the supremely elegant Shimano Dura Ace pedal from late in the last century . We all have our own favourites and styles, some of us clip in, some strap on and some just plonk their feet onto them .


Dura Ace

It was only about a year ago that I started to use mountain bike style spd’s rather than the toe clips with Alfredo Binda leather straps and coloured buttons .


GUB GC-008

The last two weeks have seen me using a set of GUB GC-008 platform pedals supplied by GearBest . At first I thought these were for use on the trails rather than anything else . So when I was asked to try a pair I thought why not , so once they arrived safely via a fully tracked DHL delivery service I fitted them to my daily commuting machine an early 90’s Marin Bear Valley that has been with me since new .

It was only a few weeks ago that I overhauled the original Wellgo pedals and fitted some new nylon straps to the plastic cages all of which have covered many a mile . As expected it was just a case of removing the old ones and applying some fresh grease on the threads of the GUB units and making sure I fitted the clearly marked left and right units to the correct side crank arm .


I quite liked the look of the titanium grey coloured pedals and  I should think the red or black ones would look equally at home and do the same job. The first thing I noticed were the 6 small upright studs on each side that were there to help your chosen footwear stay on the pedals no matter what . The fit and finish was as to be expected ie  very good with a nice good quality look and feel to them .


gub gc-008

The true test was how they performed when riding so the next day off we went on my daily cycle path commute which involves bouncing off the foot path at short notice due to wandering dogs , school children and other cyclists to say the least , the first thing I noticed was that my chosen footwear that day were glued to the pedals with no slip at all .


Two week later and I am still impressed with them, the appearance is still as new with no sign of wear and tear showing yet despite being ridden in all weathers .It was my initial plan to try these on a road bike rather than my trusty old commuter , maybe in a few weeks I will try them for a couple of rides on a road bike but for the moment I am well impressed with them .


GUB GC-008

Gear best offer quite a few different pedals so it’s well worth having a look at the company’s website the next time you are after some pedals .

This link should take you to the GUB GC-008 Pedals http://www.gearbest.com/bike-parts/pp_320291.html whilst this one should take you to the range they offer http://www.gearbest.com/bike-pedals-_gear/ .


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