Action Camera’s

A few months ago I purchased a Garmin Virb action camera . And I must admit at times I nearly sent it straight back to the retailer I got it from as I really struggled with it at first .


Garmin virb

Now a few months down the line I feel it’s only fair to do a review on what I think to it and offer advise to those who are looking to purchase a similar action camera as others are available although I have not used them .


The first mistake I made was to run the camera on the underside of the the handlebars to keep it out of the way , but what I didn’t realise was that this would mean all my recordings would be filmed upside down , so when you play it back you either have to turn your monitor upside down or stand on your head to watch it the right way around . So to get round this I bought one of the universal mounts like this on the below link to GearBest’s site one  and then with the Garmin mount hey presto .


Garmin Virb

Once this was fitted I no longer had to do headstands just so I could rewatch my recordings . One of my other mistakes was to not realise that you need a memory card as well so one of those was purchased. So if you are working on a budget don’t forget to add enough to cover a mount kit and a memory card .


Ian May

There are loads of makes to choose from , the most popular ones seem to be Garmin and GoPro but just a quick look on Chinese firm GearBest’s web site shows there are loads more that are suitable with prices ranging from £35 to over £150 , so almost anyone should be able to find one that fits their budget . See link to the section offered .

B H Stevlo

I also think when using an action camera to record your cycling activities one looking forward and another looking behind you would not go amiss , and at the price GearBest charge its certainly do-able on a budget .



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