Raleigh Roadster Part 2

Just had my first ride on the Raleigh Roadster after picking it up today from my Local Bike Shop where it’s had some fresh grease on all the bearings along with a rear hub strip to sort out the lack of drive in 1st and 4th since swapping the bar and stem combo over .

Raleigh Roadster

It seems that my left-side ballcup is one of the earlier fingered type and it’s quite common for some of the fingers to break off and rattle around inside . The bike shop found 5 pieces of fingers broken off, these have been removed and all the innards have been cleaned and checked then the whole lot was re assembled and adjusted correctly and hey presto I have 4 hub gears and 2 rear mechanism operated gears again .

Raleigh Roadster


Raleigh Roadster

We presume at some point some more finger bits will break off as it’s a fairly common failure on these Fm hubs but until then normal service is resumed . The only piece of advice I was given by the senior mechanic was to avoid bouncing off kerbs and to try not to pedal with lots of load , ie change gear earlier and spin away .
He also reported that it looked like all the bearings had been regularly serviced as they were all in excellent condition and more than likely were the original ones as was the bottom bracket spindle , which is not bad considering the bike dates from 1952 .

Raleigh Roadster

Before going for my ride test I swapped the original Brooks leather saddle for a slightly newer Wrights version which I have had lying around for a while just waiting for the right bike to come along .
The eagle eyed of you will also notice that all the black insulation tape that was wrapped around the various cables attaching them to the frame have been replaced with proper metal clips , which I think helps to give the bike a tidier appearance .

Raleigh Roadster

The three mile ride went well without any issues , so the next test is a gentle six mile loop that I know and use for testing bikes out after having any work done on them .

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