A year of Living with a Garmin 200

It’s been well over a year now since I decided to go mad and invest in a Garmin Edge 200 bike computer .


Garmin 200 home screen

At the time Aldi’s were having one of their regular Cycling offer weeks and as far as I can remember I paid just over £50 for it.  I did wonder how many of the functions I would actually use on a day to day basis . I opted for the Garmin rather than one of the other similar products on the market mainly because I had heard of Garmin and had not heard of the other makers and still can’t even think of their names now .

I had been told by a few other cyclists just how easy the Garmin Edge 200 was to set up and use. Sure enough, once you have put a few basic details in and fitted one of the supplied mounting plates to your bike it’s off you go . The mounting plates are secured to your handlebars via two of the supplied rubber bands, they come in two different sizes so as to enable you to fit the mounting plate to most diameter bars . The unit is secured to the mounting plate by twisting it into position. Once positioned you just need to press a couple of buttons and away you go, it really is that simple .


Garmin 200 Baseplate and rings

Within the first week I realized that the following functions would never be used by me for one reason or another .

1.       Courses and Laps

2.       Time and distance alert

3.       Virtual training partner

4.       Auto lap and Auto Scroll

In fact I only really use distance covered , time travelled , auto pause and the save function . Sure some people would say I could have got away with a more basic system which I had already tried and found not really suitable for my needs .


Garmin 200 Saved ride details

I have found the Garmin Edge 200 really easy to use and it has proved a reliable piece of technology that does not look out of place on the retro road bikes I normally ride . I have heard of some people who don’t bother with the mounting plate and just let the Garmin sit in a pocket and as long as it can get satellite reception there is no reason why it can’t operate from there .

The unit’s built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery has an operating life of up to 14 hours and is easily charged either via mains plug or a usb port. I have found that the unit recharges quite quickly depending how low you let it go before recharging .

At the moment various outlets have these on sale from just over £60 to just under £100 so it certainly pays to shop and look around. The cheapest I could find doing a quick search was from GearBest and as long as you used discount code TWGarmin at the checkout that seems to bring it down to approximately £52 including free trackable shipping to most countries around the world.

See link for complete range of Garmin products that GearBest offer at the moment  http://www.gearbest.com/Garmin-_gear/c_11513/


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