BASECAMP BC-522 Lycra Review

Today for the first time in my life I was a Mamil .


Base Camp Lycra

Also, for the first time since I rode a bike in my teenage years I wore padded cycling shorts, so as you can see it’s been a day of new and old experiences .


Base Camp Lycra

The Lycra shorts and shirt were supplied by GearBest for me to evaluate and report back , on first inspection I thought I had ordered the wrong size by a country mile . I normally wear medium size so that is what I ordered , upon opening the package when it arrived from China it looked looked very small indeed .

On further inspection of the shorts and shirt I noticed that they both seemed a very well made piece of clothing that should be hard wearing and comfortable as well . All the seams and stitching looked nice and tidy . The three back pockets were of a decent enough size for stuffing things into if needed .


Base Camp Lycra

The shorts were nicely padded with what Base Camp call stereo padding !! It is a nice thick layer of padding that seemed strange at first but you soon get use to it .


Base Camp Lycra

When the time came to try the garments on I soon realised that I should have ordered a larger size . So be warned I am 5ft 10″ tall and weigh aprox 11.5st with a 32″ waist and a medium is rather on the small size for me .

It was still too cold to go out in just this set so I decided to wear them as base layers under my normal cycling clothes . So with some trepidation I set of this morning and was surprised how comfy everything felt under these garments , the padding in the shorts felt fine and was in all the right places and the seams around the legs and waist were not too tight . Whilst the shirt felt snug around the rib cage it felt fine everywhere else and was certainly doing a good job of keeping me warm .


Base Camp Lycra

After nearly two hours in the saddle with 31 miles under my belt I still felt as comfortable as I had when I first put them on , with no extra sweating or feeling too hot . The padding in the shorts certainly gave my backside and other bits a comfy ride , with no sign of chaffing or rubbing anywhere so it certainly did its job.


All in all so far I have been impressed with the products BestGear have supplied , the shipping is free and totally trackable via the couriers they use , my goods turned up with DHL without a fuss . So yes I will be ordering from BestGear again and I would happily advise people to check them out .


This is a link to featured clothing


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