2nd Review of Basecamp cycle lamp model bc-403

Continuing on from my initial Review of the Basecamp bc-403 front light , I thought I would show some more comments about it after a few more rides .


Set off on full power this morning with the 3 warnings lights ablaze, I  noticed it was down to 2 after 20 mins of use then down to 1 after a further 10 mins and then the final green light flashed for about a minute before loosing all illumination. So all in all on the initial out of the box test it has been in use for about an hour and 15 mins so will re charge and and continue to update this review .


Well it took just over 5 hours to charge the battery pack and as expected the warning light changed to green once fully charged . Neither the plug ,adaptor or battery pack got hot during the charging process .

Since the recharge I have been on 2 more early evening dusky rides , the first of which I set off with the light set on the 2nd power stage and moved it on to full power after 15 minutes of use as the night got darker I must admit I have the light angled down so it illuminates the road in front of me rather than further ahead of me .


The 2nd ride was a later start so set of with full power selected and stayed on that setting for all of my 40 minute ride. At the end of the ride I expected to see the battery indicator to be only showing 2 green lights but all 3 were still illuminated . So far these 2 rides have lasted an hour and 15 minutes in total which is about the same length of time as the initial charge .

In practice this is my brightest light I have used and I find it offers a good spread of light without the fear of blinding any oncoming traffic . I also like its small compact size . I look forward to using and reviewing it more as time goes by .

Its an ideal commuting lamp and its small compact size helps when you have bar mounted camera and trip computer fitted as well .

In my next review I want to include pictures of the 3 brightness settings but I need to work out a way of showing the distance and spread of each setting .

See http://goo.gl/vb0mux for buying details


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