Review of Basecamp cycle lamp model bc-403

I was approached by Chinese Company, Gearbest,  a couple of weeks ago to do some reviews of the cycling bits they offer .

At first I was a bit sceptical, some people would say that’s just me but let’s be honest it’s not every day you get approached by an International Company to review some products .

One of the first things they asked me to review was a Basecamp BC-403 Cycle lamp. I had a quick look on line at the product and thought the dimensions quoted had to be wrong ie 3.90 x 2.4 x 3.20 cm for the light unit so imagine my surprise when opening the box it arrived in, it was actually that small . I was messaged on the 24/03/16 that both items were both in stock and ready for dispatch by DHL and that they would be delivered by 30/03/16 , sure enough the goods duly arrived on the 30/03/16 .


Basecamp cycle lamp model bc-403

Once I opened the package and looked at the light unit the more I realized this really was a small neat package and made all my other front lights look absolutely humongous , it also looks quite smart as well , machined from Aluminum Alloy with a nice push button on the rear to control the 4 modes with a series of green warning lights .


It has a rating of 1800 lumens via a Cree – l2 led unit with an 8 metre width of irradiation now what that means in the real world I don’t know  untiI I strap it via the supplied rubber rings that hoop around the built in loops on to one of my bikes and ride it in the dark and then I can report back .


The battery pack comes complete with a built in lead that joins up nice and snugly to the power lead on the rear of the light unit, it also comes with a carrying pouch which has a built in strap to enable you to attach it to your bike at the given location . The output of this power pack is rated at 6400 mA in total , again it will be interesting to see what the means in terms of how long it lasts in normal usage on the various modes . It also comes with a 2 pin charger plug and lead to recharge the power pack as and when required . The only down side is that the charging plug is not a uk standard item but luckily an old fashioned shaver adapter does the job .


I have mounted the lamp on the underside of the handlebars on my Lee Cooper single speed bike and have run the power feed along the top tube to the battery pack which I have managed to squeeze in my small saddle bag to help protect it from the elements .

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