Pollard No 3 Arrives


This week saw the arrival of my third W & E Pollard bike and at present the second one I own .


Pollard No 3

When I saw it advertised it was obvious that it was going to be a project rather than a get on and ride bike . So upon unwrappingit  I was not surprised at its condition just a bit shocked that the seller overlooked to mention the small dents on the top tube that were immediately apparent .



A quick inspection revealed a list of nice components and extras that were worth more than I paid for the complete bike . The Carradice saddle bag contained a small selection of vintage tools ie a Campagnola ” peanut ” spanner and allen key along with 2 Brooks stamped spanners and a collection of old puncture repair kit tins .


Pollard Tools

The Brooks professional saddle does not look in bad shape and a few coats of leather treatment will certainly help , the saddle frame has a date stamp of 67 B so that makes it made in February 1967 according to me .

The large flanged Normandy hubs are date stamped weeks 47 & 48 of year 1980 ,the rear is a flip flop hub just a shame the rims are rusty old steel ones they might clean up but in all fairness I have just secured a pair of modern 27″ wheels at a fair price so these will be used instead .The brake calipers are Universal Mod 61 type which seem to have been around till the mid 70’s at least . So as can be seen a right mixture of components from different era’s .


W & E Pollard


The parts I like the best are the original Shimano Dura Ace crankset and the glorious Il Primo Di Lusso stem and matching bars which have some really nice detail etched on to them, just a shame I cant get our camera to focus on it very well .


Pollard Dura ace

A couple of hours tinkering has seen the crankset have a nice hot soapy bath and it has come up nice and clean , whilst the crankset was off I stripped and cleaned out the bottom bracket which in all fairness surprised me as I didn’t expect the cups to come out very easily .


W & E Pollard

So there we are, at the moment it’s got a long way to go, but a few more hours and it will be closer  and then I can start to use it and carry on the cleaning as I go along .



4 thoughts on “Pollard No 3 Arrives

    • Under the dirt and dust its not to bad all things considered , ok it will never win the local beauty contest but as long as it rides well and looks ok that will do me .

  1. So long as your happy with the bike that’s all that matters, after all beauty is in the eye of the beholder as the old saying goes

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