27″ x 1 1/4 Continental TourRIDE Tyres

When I purchased the Wester Ross recently the first thing that was obviously needed was a pair of new tyres as the original Michelin’s were way past their sell by date .


Wester Ross

For some reason I always thing that 27″ tyres should have Gumwall coloured sidewalls and the choice of quality tyres with those is limited to either Schwalbe Hs180 , Panaracer Pasela Tour Guards or the Michelin World Tours .


Schwalbe HS180

I have used the Panaracer’s before and they are a good looking tyre but are just a bit on the expensive side for my liking , so I started to look around and see what else was available . I discounted the cheaper brands such as Nutrak and Duro as I wanted a degree of puncture protection along with longevity , the Schwalbe Marathons were discounted for the same reason as the Panaracer’s whilst the HS180’S were proving hard to find in stock with Gumwall sidewalls .

So this made me rethink and look at black sidewall tyres. I liked the look of the Continental Tour Rides straight away  as they were reasonably priced and readily available and had a nice open and deep tread rather than their smoother Ultra Sport that I always find quite noisy on the road .


Continental TourRIDE

So I took the plunge and ordered a pair of TourRIDE’S from Chain Reaction Cycles which duly arrived and were fitted to the nice Wienmann 27″ rims . Fitting was easy no excessive force was needed to make them sit squarely and a quick few pumps on my Topeak Blow Jo Sport track pump had them set at the recommended 80psi .


Continental TourRIDE

The first ride was just a short one around the block just to check that no odd sensations were apparent , all felt nice and smooth . The next couple of rides were short commuting ones along the local glass strewn cycle paths to and from work, all passed without any issues .

The next ride was a 13 mile regular loop of mine over local B roads with a couple of fairly fast 20+ mph descents which again didn’t cause any issues to these tyres . Since then I have covered a grand total of another 32 miles on these so far great tyres .

I also think they look rather nice.


Wester Ross

I will give another review when I have covered a few more miles but so far I would certainly suggest anybody looking for some 27″ tyres to have a look at these .

9 thoughts on “27″ x 1 1/4 Continental TourRIDE Tyres

    • For some reason gum walls always dry rot faster than black walls.
      Except for my oldest Raleigh, I have switched completely to black walls.

      • This is mostly anecdotal based some 40 bikes I have owned (21 right now), but also substantiated by the guys at the bike shop where I get parts. In fact if you take a close look at any gum wall tire that has dry rotted, the black rubber is always in better shape. By the way…just a shout out to Bishop’s Bikes in Milford OH…in continuous operation since 1890. That has to be a record.

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