Wester Ross Number 424

Latest arrival in the garage is this 80’s Wester Ross tourer

Be warned its a stunner so look away know


23″ frame size 531st Reynolds tubing with a pr of Zeus 2000 forks , small flange campagnola hubs laced to Weinmann 27 x 1 1/4″ rims .


Wester Ross

Mixture of campagnola levers , TA crankset and Suntour cycloe mechanisms that change all 10 gears like a hot knife going through butter .


Cinelli bars and short stem complete with those horrible foam sleeves and drilled Mafac levers that operate a glorious set of Mafac 2000 canti lever brakes .

Front fork has a couple of what look like cable guides on the r/h/s unsure what they could be for ….any ideas ?


Wester Ross

So far only did a gentle ride to get these pictures as tyres are shot , but dont worry new ones ordered .

26/04/16 Update

Since the original blog was written , I have given the bike a bit more of a clean along with a general service and some badly needed tyres and have covered just over 150 wonderful miles .


Wester Ross Build Sheet

The best bit is I was sent a copy of the original build sheet as shown above by the uk Wester Ross register keeper as shown above . I think this is a fantastic document to have and cherish as it is the same as our own birth certificate .


In the original blog I mentioned how i was unsure what the little guides were for that had been fitted to the front forks amongst other places , well it seems they were guides to hold the wiring for the light units that would have been powered by a dynamo that would have been fitted just below the bottom bracket .



Wester Ross

The bike is still in the same specification as it was built and I doubt very little of the original parts used have been replaced apart from the brake cables and tyres that I have replaced .


Continental TourRIDE

Its a fantastic bike to ride as it almost effortlessly glides along at a nice relaxed pace yet when pushed a bit harder it still feels very stable and enjoyable . I fitted Continental Tour Ride tyres as the original ones were perished and out of shape .

What I would love to find out about this bike is a bit more of its history and previous use , the seller I got it from knew very little about it apart from the fact he bought it along with four other bikes from somebody who worked at a local charity shop , the other bikes were just very basic run of the mill mountain bikes .



6 thoughts on “Wester Ross Number 424

  1. Holy Cow! That’s a fantastic bike. Where do you find these? Being a few thousand miles away, I wouldn’t be competing. Also, I’d need to move something to make room.



  2. I have a Wester Ross that I purchased new in 79-80. The sales guy from universal cycle supply happened to be in the shop I was in. He was Scottish. I’m in Connecticut, USA. It is full Campy tourer except for a front suntour long cage derailleur. The miserable atempt by campy broke first time out. Blackburn racks front and back. I was never able to get the campy triple to fit. I’m thinking of switching over to a velo orange and Phil Wood bb. I just got a new Brooks B17 for it. It still makes me smile every time I ride it. There used to be a Wester Ross page with a list of almost all the bikes made with pictures. Bikebrothers.com it has since disappeared. I was trying to find the guys to possibly set it back up and host it. I know of only three WR’s in the US. ouelled47@gmail.com

    • well i sold mine about a week ago as it wasnt getting used to its full extent so decided to sell it , really enjoyed riding the miles i did do on it. It was the first one i had ever seen although i had heard of the name .

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