Review of Basecamp cycle lamp model bc-403

I was approached by Chinese Company, Gearbest,  a couple of weeks ago to do some reviews of the cycling bits they offer .

At first I was a bit sceptical, some people would say that’s just me but let’s be honest it’s not every day you get approached by an International Company to review some products .

One of the first things they asked me to review was a Basecamp BC-403 Cycle lamp. I had a quick look on line at the product and thought the dimensions quoted had to be wrong ie 3.90 x 2.4 x 3.20 cm for the light unit so imagine my surprise when opening the box it arrived in, it was actually that small . I was messaged on the 24/03/16 that both items were both in stock and ready for dispatch by DHL and that they would be delivered by 30/03/16 , sure enough the goods duly arrived on the 30/03/16 .


Basecamp cycle lamp model bc-403

Once I opened the package and looked at the light unit the more I realized this really was a small neat package and made all my other front lights look absolutely humongous , it also looks quite smart as well , machined from Aluminum Alloy with a nice push button on the rear to control the 4 modes with a series of green warning lights .


It has a rating of 1800 lumens via a Cree – l2 led unit with an 8 metre width of irradiation now what that means in the real world I don’t know  untiI I strap it via the supplied rubber rings that hoop around the built in loops on to one of my bikes and ride it in the dark and then I can report back .


The battery pack comes complete with a built in lead that joins up nice and snugly to the power lead on the rear of the light unit, it also comes with a carrying pouch which has a built in strap to enable you to attach it to your bike at the given location . The output of this power pack is rated at 6400 mA in total , again it will be interesting to see what the means in terms of how long it lasts in normal usage on the various modes . It also comes with a 2 pin charger plug and lead to recharge the power pack as and when required . The only down side is that the charging plug is not a uk standard item but luckily an old fashioned shaver adapter does the job .


I have mounted the lamp on the underside of the handlebars on my Lee Cooper single speed bike and have run the power feed along the top tube to the battery pack which I have managed to squeeze in my small saddle bag to help protect it from the elements .

Pollard No 3 Arrives


This week saw the arrival of my third W & E Pollard bike and at present the second one I own .


Pollard No 3

When I saw it advertised it was obvious that it was going to be a project rather than a get on and ride bike . So upon unwrappingit  I was not surprised at its condition just a bit shocked that the seller overlooked to mention the small dents on the top tube that were immediately apparent .



A quick inspection revealed a list of nice components and extras that were worth more than I paid for the complete bike . The Carradice saddle bag contained a small selection of vintage tools ie a Campagnola ” peanut ” spanner and allen key along with 2 Brooks stamped spanners and a collection of old puncture repair kit tins .


Pollard Tools

The Brooks professional saddle does not look in bad shape and a few coats of leather treatment will certainly help , the saddle frame has a date stamp of 67 B so that makes it made in February 1967 according to me .

The large flanged Normandy hubs are date stamped weeks 47 & 48 of year 1980 ,the rear is a flip flop hub just a shame the rims are rusty old steel ones they might clean up but in all fairness I have just secured a pair of modern 27″ wheels at a fair price so these will be used instead .The brake calipers are Universal Mod 61 type which seem to have been around till the mid 70’s at least . So as can be seen a right mixture of components from different era’s .


W & E Pollard


The parts I like the best are the original Shimano Dura Ace crankset and the glorious Il Primo Di Lusso stem and matching bars which have some really nice detail etched on to them, just a shame I cant get our camera to focus on it very well .


Pollard Dura ace

A couple of hours tinkering has seen the crankset have a nice hot soapy bath and it has come up nice and clean , whilst the crankset was off I stripped and cleaned out the bottom bracket which in all fairness surprised me as I didn’t expect the cups to come out very easily .


W & E Pollard

So there we are, at the moment it’s got a long way to go, but a few more hours and it will be closer  and then I can start to use it and carry on the cleaning as I go along .



27″ x 1 1/4 Continental TourRIDE Tyres

When I purchased the Wester Ross recently the first thing that was obviously needed was a pair of new tyres as the original Michelin’s were way past their sell by date .


Wester Ross

For some reason I always thing that 27″ tyres should have Gumwall coloured sidewalls and the choice of quality tyres with those is limited to either Schwalbe Hs180 , Panaracer Pasela Tour Guards or the Michelin World Tours .


Schwalbe HS180

I have used the Panaracer’s before and they are a good looking tyre but are just a bit on the expensive side for my liking , so I started to look around and see what else was available . I discounted the cheaper brands such as Nutrak and Duro as I wanted a degree of puncture protection along with longevity , the Schwalbe Marathons were discounted for the same reason as the Panaracer’s whilst the HS180’S were proving hard to find in stock with Gumwall sidewalls .

So this made me rethink and look at black sidewall tyres. I liked the look of the Continental Tour Rides straight away  as they were reasonably priced and readily available and had a nice open and deep tread rather than their smoother Ultra Sport that I always find quite noisy on the road .


Continental TourRIDE

So I took the plunge and ordered a pair of TourRIDE’S from Chain Reaction Cycles which duly arrived and were fitted to the nice Wienmann 27″ rims . Fitting was easy no excessive force was needed to make them sit squarely and a quick few pumps on my Topeak Blow Jo Sport track pump had them set at the recommended 80psi .


Continental TourRIDE

The first ride was just a short one around the block just to check that no odd sensations were apparent , all felt nice and smooth . The next couple of rides were short commuting ones along the local glass strewn cycle paths to and from work, all passed without any issues .

The next ride was a 13 mile regular loop of mine over local B roads with a couple of fairly fast 20+ mph descents which again didn’t cause any issues to these tyres . Since then I have covered a grand total of another 32 miles on these so far great tyres .

I also think they look rather nice.


Wester Ross

I will give another review when I have covered a few more miles but so far I would certainly suggest anybody looking for some 27″ tyres to have a look at these .

For Sale 1983 Raleigh Royal

1983 Retro Raleigh Royal Touring Road Racing bike ideal commuter or eroica britannia 2016


Finished in original Oak Green metallic paintwork in 20 1/2″ or 52cm sized Reynolds 531 frame measured from centre of crank to centre of seat pinch bolt and aprox 22 3/4″ or 57 cm along the top tube ctc and has a standover height of 32″ or 81 cm so ideal for up to 5ft 10″ aprox . Half chromed fr forks . There is some paint loss on non drive side of the top tube and on the drive side fork crown and top of rear stay otherwise very clean .


1983 Raleigh Royal

Raleigh Super custom crank set with 170mm arm and 52 /42 rings a six speed rear block gives you 12 speeds to choose from operated by Suntour power shifters and suntour fr & rr mechanisms . Wheels are 27″ x 1 1/4″ alloy rimmed with hardly any wear both Mailaird hubs are date stamped 1983 fitted with 2 new tyres less than 100 miles ago .
Braking is done with Raleigh Wienmann centre pull calipers operated by aero style Shimano rx100 levers , short 85mm custom quill style stem with a nice pr of Randoneur style drop bars .

Semi fluted micro adjustable sr laprade seat post that is nice and free to adjust , 1 set of bottle cage mounts although no cage fitted . Short racing guards are fitted .

Please note the following items are not include in sale although are fitted in pictures , garmin computer , light set and under saddle bag and clip on guards  . Saddle and pedals shown might not be the ones bike supplied with .

Asking £160 collected from Wellingborough NN8 Postcode or could be sent to most uk post codes for an extra £25.

Wester Ross Number 424

Latest arrival in the garage is this 80’s Wester Ross tourer

Be warned its a stunner so look away know


23″ frame size 531st Reynolds tubing with a pr of Zeus 2000 forks , small flange campagnola hubs laced to Weinmann 27 x 1 1/4″ rims .


Wester Ross

Mixture of campagnola levers , TA crankset and Suntour cycloe mechanisms that change all 10 gears like a hot knife going through butter .


Cinelli bars and short stem complete with those horrible foam sleeves and drilled Mafac levers that operate a glorious set of Mafac 2000 canti lever brakes .

Front fork has a couple of what look like cable guides on the r/h/s unsure what they could be for ….any ideas ?


Wester Ross

So far only did a gentle ride to get these pictures as tyres are shot , but dont worry new ones ordered .

26/04/16 Update

Since the original blog was written , I have given the bike a bit more of a clean along with a general service and some badly needed tyres and have covered just over 150 wonderful miles .


Wester Ross Build Sheet

The best bit is I was sent a copy of the original build sheet as shown above by the uk Wester Ross register keeper as shown above . I think this is a fantastic document to have and cherish as it is the same as our own birth certificate .


In the original blog I mentioned how i was unsure what the little guides were for that had been fitted to the front forks amongst other places , well it seems they were guides to hold the wiring for the light units that would have been powered by a dynamo that would have been fitted just below the bottom bracket .



Wester Ross

The bike is still in the same specification as it was built and I doubt very little of the original parts used have been replaced apart from the brake cables and tyres that I have replaced .


Continental TourRIDE

Its a fantastic bike to ride as it almost effortlessly glides along at a nice relaxed pace yet when pushed a bit harder it still feels very stable and enjoyable . I fitted Continental Tour Ride tyres as the original ones were perished and out of shape .

What I would love to find out about this bike is a bit more of its history and previous use , the seller I got it from knew very little about it apart from the fact he bought it along with four other bikes from somebody who worked at a local charity shop , the other bikes were just very basic run of the mill mountain bikes .



For Sale 2014 Boardman Road Sport ltd Edition

For Sale 2014 Boardman Road Sport Ltd Edition



53cm size frame and has only covered 38 miles since supply date 04/07/15 so very lightly used indeed .
Finished in nice shiny black with contrasting yellow trim and decals , only 1 mark on RHS Fork blade as shown in pictures otherwise just dusty through lack of use .


2014 Boardman road sport limited

Frame is 7005 alloy with carbon bladed forks , Shimano Claris 16 speed gearing as per std spec with FSA Chainset , Mavic rims on unbranded hubs with Vittorio Zaffiro ” yellow tyres” has mounting points for guards fr & rr , 2 sets of bottle cage mounts . An ideal beginners or commuting bike .
Full spec can be seen on Halfords website under Boardman end of season and are on there for £374.25 at the moment .…oardman-road-sport-limited-edition-2014-black .


2014 Boardman road sport limited

Set for me at 5ft 10″ in Pictures .

Asking only £275 for a sub 40 mile bike !!! collected from NN8 Wellingborough Post code or could ship to most uk post codes for an extra £25

Please note Garmin and light set shown in Pictures are not included in sale .

I have a copy of original sale sheet from supplying Halfords

Loads more pics just ask or see my Racing Bikes Biggs682 facebook page