Early Morning Rides

I get quite a few people ask me why I go out cycling pre 6 am in the morning !



There are quite a few reasons really  but it is difficult to put them in any specific order.


Harry Quinn

I normally ride for between 45 minutes and just under 2 hours, so it gives me some good exercise which is something we all need to try and stay healthy, without eating into the normal family time .

Empty road

Another reason is that the roads are a lot quieter than they are later in the day that’s for sure which also should make it safer as well .

This also allows me to keep a look out for the wildlife that you would not normally see , in the last few weeks I have spotted deer , a couple of owls , pheasants , rabbits along with the normal hedgerow birds.  It is quite nice to ride along as they flit from branch to branch.


Along with the wildlife are some of natures other wonders you see like this fungi that was growing out of the base of a tree right on the road edge .

Aende Tourer

I quite often find myself changing route as I go along just to try and get a decent picture be it the sun rise or a stunning scenery  with a strategically placed bike .


Another reason why I go cycling early is so it does not eat in to the precious time that me and my partner get alone .



5 thoughts on “Early Morning Rides

  1. Lovely bike. I enjoyed riding this early when it’s very hot and humid out. Fortunately where I live now, it doesn’t have to be that early. But in summer, I feel as if I’ve accomplished a lot when do early morning riding with rest of day around. 🙂

  2. Oh, I’m so jealous. Your riding area looks similar to mine with back roads and lots of open space. We even have some marked bike lanes in the town area. Last Tuesday, I was treated, again, for my urethra restrictions. During the follow up visit on Friday, the doctor told me to stay off the bike for at least two weeks. My usual program was to ride for at least 1/2 hour mid-morning. Additionally, I use a bike for light errands. Being retired, there’s no need to rise early.



    • Yeah we have some nice quieter roads near by no fantastic scenery but its nice enough to ride past for sure and being dark you cant always see it .

      Sorry to hear re the docs advice sure it will get better son , have a look at the Selle smp range of saddles

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