Grumbling Bottom Brackets

Last week I noticed the bottom bracket was starting to feel a bit rough on the Claud Butler I was riding , so I had a free hour last night and decided to pull it apart and have a look at it .

 Claud Butler Sierra

After moving three other bikes outside so that I had some room to carry out the repair, I started to strip the crankset and pedal off of the bike . Once the lock nut and both cups were removed I could see what the issue was ; whatever grease that was in there had almost gone hard and was just about giving some lubrication to the bearings, all the surfaces were covered in a brown tacky mess that soon wiped off .


Claud Butler Sierra

Both caged bearing sets were cleaned up, as were the cups and all were in a re useable condition just needing some fresh clean grease on all moving parts . Before tightening the lock nut up I like to sit and rotate the non drive side crank arm for a good few minutes to make sure all the grease has had chance to get where it needs to be. Once I am happy it all feels ok the locknut is done up with the special hooked spanner .

 R.E.W Reynolds bb1

Then it’s just a matter of refitting the drive side arm along with the chain and off we go for a test ride and then upon return just a re check that all is good and tight . Hopefully that should keep the bike going for a few more years .

R.E.W Reynolds shaft


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