Bike for sale adverts

Bike for sale reads the advert title , so out of interest you click on it to open the listing in full and hopefully to get a bit more info from what the seller has listed or from the pictures included in the advert .


Dyna Tech 600 Shimano

It amazes me the amount of adverts I see and look at where the seller has either been too lazy or who knows what…….

 Claud Butler Sierra

One advert I looked at recently said that the bike for sale was a good bike and rode well but with no clue re make or specification of bike never mind the frame size , after a few attempts of trying to glean some information from the pictures I gave up and tried ringing the mobile number given only for it to ring about 20 times and then go to answer phone where I left a message that has yet to be answered, so I can only presume the seller either does not know the answer or can’t be bothered .

Another advert had a rather strange opening picture of a scantily clad young lady to attract the attention and to draw you in so you looked at the advert , upon opening the advert more information was duly included along with some very strange pictures of the scantily clad young lady who was sat astride the bike . Although 9 pictures were included in the advert very few of them actually showed much of the bike in enough detail to be of any use . For some strange reason I did not reply to this advert as I got the impression the advert was more for the girls service than the bike .


A lot of adverts leave a lot to be desired in the way of information re location of bike being for sale only to be told when you respond to the advert that it’s 100 miles further away than you first thought . I can understand advertising out of your local vicinity but then not to offer any delivery option seems to be pointless and almost a waste of time placing the advert in the first place .

I get quite frustrated when reading some adverts as the seller has missed the opportunity to really sell the bike because they have not included some important bits of information about it . From time to time some adverts just say Road bike for sale good condition and blue in colour and all the rest is left to guess work as the photo included is taken in relatively dark conditions and from a strange angle , sometimes these adverts allow the intending buyer to bag a bargain or two as I have done a number of times.

I was asked a few weeks ago to offer a value on a used bike that a n other person had bought and was selling on. It is always hard to suggest a price as their idea of what they have is different to what I think, as is their pre-sale preparation of the said bike .

 R.E.W Reynolds

So please include as much information and pictures possible along with a good honest description of the bike for sale and give the interested party a couple of ways to contact you should they want to .


4 thoughts on “Bike for sale adverts

  1. Welcome to the wild world of amateur sales and marketing. Isn’t it amazing how little people know about promoting a product as well as how lax they are about the process. After spending several years in this arena as a supplier to the computer chip industry, I found that even many of so called professionals, don’t understand the basic concepts.

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