Friday Night Ramblings

Well its February already and my target of 4000 mile for the year is still on track with 301 miles covered in January and so far 35 miles in February. These compare very favourably with 164 miles in January 2015 and 206 in February 2015 . The monthly average to achieve 4000 miles is just over 333 miles so yes I am behind target but I am more than happy .

The majority of these miles so far have been covered by my winter bike the R.E.W Reynolds and a couple of other bikes have done a bit of mileage as well .

 R.E.W Reynolds Decal

The other bikes include the 2014 Marin Argenta , the recently completed Peugeot Professional single speed that has been undergoing mainly test miles on my daily commute, a couple of short rides on the Harry Quinn and then the rest has on my trusty old commuter the Marin Bear Valley mtb .


Harry Quinn


So as you can see quite a diverse mixture of bikes  and as the lighter nights and morning come along I should be able to get a few pre and post work rides in and even if these are just the normal loop of 13 miles they soon add up . These short loops are also ideal as they allow me to use a bike that has only just been built and if there is a big issue I can always walk home .

Marin Bear Valley

I am going to try and do a fair share of my miles this year on single speed or fixed gear bike. At this moment of time I have three of these on my fleet and with the Woodrup due back from having a refinish any time soon that will bring the total to four . Three of these bikes will be kept for the time being, as soon as I have done another 20 miles on the Peugeot Professional that will be going up for sale .



Peugeot Professional

Next thing to think about is what to do with the blue R.E.W Reynolds once the heaviest part of winter has been and gone. It was purchased with the intention of being my winter bike which it has done with great ease and I have actually enjoyed every single mile that I have covered on it , I am thinking about giving it a new coat of colour along with a strip down and rebuild with some new components along the way , but then it will take away all the aged patena that the bike currently has .


R.E.W Reynolds

I am also hoping to add a few tandem miles in to my target as my partner has made that her aim for the year so even if we manage a couple of 5 mile or less rides they will add up and give the pair of us some fun along the way .


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