Mighty Quinn Part 2

I blogged last week about how I was due to collect the Harry Quinn Frameset from Lee Cooper, frame builder supremo, who was given the task to remove the bonded in Campag cups and repair the bottom bracket threads by whichever way he thought was best .


He had warned me when I dropped it off that there were no guarantees but he would do his best and try and keep any damage to the existing paintwork to minimum .


So when he explained and showed me what he had done I was extremely surprised and pleased, he ended up having to put two repair patches in the bottom bracket shell instead of the hoped one , which unfortunately meant that the stamped Q frame number was lost.


Harry Quinn bottom bracket

As you can see he has done a very neat job and it just needs me to clean it up and apply some paint .


Harry Quinn

I should also think that the eagle eyed ones of you have noticed that I went ahead and had as much of the running gear transplanted across from the Peugeot Competition as well, after 3.5 miles covered so far I can say that I am very impressed with the whole package.


Harry Quinn

I am quite excited about this bike for various reasons , mainly because anybody that has ever ridden or owned a Q prefixed Quinn are always saying how good they are to ride . And I think this one certainly looks the part what with its fairly fresh paint job and nice spec modern equipment in a nice retro frame .

Long term plans well that is a good question , i am sorely tempted to fit some guards and use it as my all weather bike but will have to see how it goes after a few more test rides .


Quick update 24/01/16 just spent 5 minutes wire wooling the underside of the bottom bracket shell and this is what i found


Harry Quinn frame number


7 thoughts on “Mighty Quinn Part 2

  1. Why did you not use a cartridge bottom bracket, save yourself all that work, have been a Quinn owner for over 40 years, used to go to the shop regularly, met Dave Lloyd and Eddie Soens there, enjoy using the bike.

    • When i first got the frame i was told that each side of the bottom bracket shell had been shaved to accept the external bearing cups , so half expected a new bottom bracket shell to have to be fitted but once cups were removed shell width was ok but threads totally shot .

      In hindsight might have got away with a threadless bottom bracket but didnt want to risk it .

      Frame number is Q2297 , i am looking forward to getting a few miles done on it

  2. Hi Guys,

    Nice to hear that the Quinn is back on the road again. Sounds like it lives up to it’s ad the Merryside builders reputation. Also, and interesting connection to Eddie Soens.



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