The Mighty Quinn

Tomorrow morning I should be collecting the white Harry Quinn frameset back from Lee Cooper after he has removed the “glued” in external bottom bracket cups and has also performed a cut and shut operation on the bottom bracket shell due to the threads being a bit suspect .


This frameset has been in my garage for quite a while whilst I have deliberated what to do with it . I always thought it was too good a quality frame just to leave sitting around doing nothing . At one point I even listed it for sale but I soon realized that if it sold I would have totally missed the chance of owning and riding a genuine Q prefixed Harry Quinn bike .


It would also keep up the tradition of having a couple of Merseyside built bikes in my stable . At some point in its life the rear drop outs have been spread to accept later 130mm style hubs and the brake bridges have also been modified to take Allen key style brake calipers .

At this moment of time I am unsure exactly what components are going to be used in its build. I would have liked to have used period parts but when the frame has already been modified to accept modern components it seems to make sense to use modern ones. So my thoughts are to strip all the “ Yellow” Shimano 105 items apart from brake calipers from the recently acquired Peugeot Professional road bike and use them .


Peugeot Professional

This would give me a nicely equipped retro road bike running an 18 speed sti controlled gear system along with modern dual action calipers that will be looking after the slowing and stopping needs of the brakes when required .


The above should also result in a fairly light road bike with the legendary Quinn handling and ride quality with an added bonus of modern components .

I am normally against the stripping down of one bike to build another up but my other option is to build using a New Old Stock Shimano 2300 group set  and a pair of Shimano branded wheels . It’s a decision I shall make over the weekend and work will commence next week with the help of my local bike shop .

Either way it looks fairly likely that I will hopefully be doing some test miles on the finished project soon so will keep you posted .

4 thoughts on “The Mighty Quinn

  1. Hot Damn! The Quinn has been salvaged. Although I’m not much for the modern stuff, I think it’s the way to go with this bike because of the previous mods. Good luck with the build and keep us posted with the progress on this site.



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