My Steel Keepers

A couple of days I go I did a blog about some of the bikes that had passed through the garage during 2015 .

Well this blog is about the bikes that have stayed in the garage during 2015 a couple of them have been in the garage for a couple of years now and I can’t see them leaving any time soon but never say never .

 Ian May

First up is the red Ian May badged bike I purchased a while back from its original owner who barely used the frame before building it up approximately 2 years ago when I bought it , Its one of my garage queens as it barely get used for no real reason other than I have too many bikes to choose from

 Ian May

Next up is another Ian May that again turned up as a frameset early in 2015 and this one has an IMC prefixed frame number so as far as can be told this frame was one built by the man himself . I had it fitted out with nice reliable equipment I had lying around in my spares box at the time rather than going for flashy components , it’s a smaller sized frame than I normally use but it is a nice comfy bike to ride .

 Single speed Pollard

The 3 rd bike is this W Pollard Specialite that is another bike I have owned for a few years , early in 2015 I had it reverted back to a single speed set up and it rides just as nice as it did when it had gears fitted to it . It was used as my day to day commuter for a while but since being converted across it hardly gets any use which is a great shame .

 Marin Bear Valley

Now this is the only mountain bike I have in my collection its an early 90’s Marin Bear Valley owned and ridden by me since 1992 , for the past few months it has been my daily commuter when not doing tesdting miles on one of my for sale bikes . This bike has seen a fair bit of useage with me and it always makes me smile .

Blue R.E.W Reynolds

The final bike I shall include is the blue R.E.W Reynolds which has been my winter bike ever since it was made roadworthy after spending a lot of time sat in the previous owners shed since they packed in riding . It is another very comfortable and easy bike to ride and another one I enjoy riding

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