2015 A Great year of steel

Well 2015 was a great year for Racing Bikes Biggs682  I had a fair few very nice machine pass through and some were lucky enough to stay and see the start of 2016 with me as well .


I think it’s hard to pinpoint one particular bike as being the best but the ones shown below in no order are some of the highlights for me .

lee Cooper

The “Bromwich” by Lee Cooper is a great machine that sadly has seen little use but then it’s one that is staying so it will definitely get used in time .


The “Rossi” cycle was an absolute gem of a bike, it was the previous owners time trial machine and you can see why it looks like its doing 30 mph standing still , it didn’t stay for long which was a shame but hey cant keep ’em all .


The Revell was another great bike by a little known British frame builder and was made with Ishiwata 0245 tubing which gave it a great ride and was nice and light as well .

Aende Tourer

I have been on the look out for an “Aende”for a while and have never been able to track one down at the right price so when I found a pair of them being sold by the original owner it was a sure gone conclusion .

Aende Road Bike

There has also been a few great mainstream bikes that have made their way into the garage this year mainly due to the fact that they had seen little use by the previous owners and this 1990’s Peugeot 531 Pro and Raleigh Dyna Tech had covered less than 250 miles from new between them .

Peugoet 531 pro



Another great machine was this Dave Hinde an absolute fantastic looking bike that had loads of gorgeous chrome and a nice bright colour scheme to boot .

Dave Hinde

These are just a handful of the bikes that have been and gone throughout 2015 lets hope 2016 is just as good .

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