My Bucket List

I am not sure how many other people have a bucket or wanted list when it comes to bikes they would like to own. My own wanted list was quite short and consisted of a Marin road bike and an early 80’s Peugeot 531.

I managed to obtain a Peugeot frameset a couple of weeks ago from a Belgium seller and it looks to be just what I wanted ie fairly tidy but not immaculate paintwork so I just need to decide on what parts to bolt on to it . Firstly I would like to fit some sprint & tub wheels the rest is as yet undecided although I do have a full set of Shimano Exage mechanisms and down tube levers that are earmarked for the build at the moment .


Peugeot Super competition

It’s got “ super competition” decals on the top tube in the right location but I am not convinced it is a super competition for one reason or another , the chromed front forks have lost some of the chroming but are tidy enough .


Peugeot Super Competition

Earlier this week I found a six month old Marin Argenta Comp going for a very fair price indeed.  Once initial contact had been made with the seller, its age and condition were confirmed as the advert carried a library picture not an actual picture of the bike on offer. The seller also confirmed it had covered less than 30 miles due to it being on the large size for her and then her job location had changed and was no longer within riding distance .


Marin Argenta Comp

My first sight of the Marin and its seller shocked me for several reasons; the lady in question was barely 5 foot tall whilst the frame was  56.5cm, suitable for people nearer to 5 ft 6” and upwards and then the drop bars were turned in a way that I could not understand, but she said they were turned like that so she could just about reach the sti control units !!!

A quick once over confirmed in my mind that the bike certainly didn’t look like it had covered much more mileage than the 30 the seller was claiming so I handed over the required amount of money to purchase the bike . As I walked a way I was handed an as new Specialized helmet and cat eye light set that the seller said she no longer had any use for seeing as she no longer owned a bike. The value of these bits alone cover well over half of what I paid for the complete bike .

Today is the first time I have ridden the Marin and to say I am impressed is an understatement , I set it up very roughly once I got home from collecting it and in all fairness it doesn’t feel too bad , so I need to swap my Seller smp lite 209 over on to it and then I can do some fine tweaking on the bars rotation and height to get a comfortable position for the miles ahead .


Happy Christmas to you all and thanks for taking the time and effort to read my blogs.

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