Crazy Weather

Well it’s the 16th December 2015 and the United Kingdom is having another crazy year on the weather front . Whilst some areas of Cumbria and Northern England had floods last week other areas escaped without any rain at all .

 Weather Symbol

I can recall from my youth that November and December were normally cold and always a risk of some snow falling over most of the UK along with icy conditions for days upon a time , however I can’t remember how many years it has been since we have had serious snow falls in the UK during December . The last one I can recall was either 2002 or 2003 and it took me 3 hours to get out of the centre of Northampton and home to the Village I lived in at the time which was all of about 10 miles away .

 Blue R.E.W Reynolds

I hear you ask what has this got to with cycling , well I for one am enjoying the milder weather as it lets me get out on the bike more although I must admit my month to date miles total is below the normal figure . As normal I have equipped my winter stead with full weather protection i.e. full length guards and a full set of lights and I have another road bike , a Dawes Response with a set of SKS clip on race blades fitted and then my daily commuter always wears a set of guards all year round .


Dawes Response

Having just made the change from good old toe clips and straps to clip in pedals and being able to wear overshoes for extra protection I have noticed the extra layers of warmth and comfort when cycling early in the morning . Some cyclists hang up their bikes once the autumn is over and rely on the indoor cycle trainer for any cycling , although we have one set up in our garage I can honestly say it has not seen much if any use at all this year so far , mainly because the weather has been so good and then because I find them a real bore to use .


I am sure at some point we will pay for this milder weather but I am going to try and make the most of it and keep cycling as long as the weather conditions allow me to as I am sure many others will do as well .

Just because the Sunday best is not in use it does not mean you have to stop cycling , do as I and many others do, get yourself an older retro steel road bike and keep riding all year round .

lee Cooper

1 thought on “Crazy Weather

  1. So strange this weather! I cycled to/from work today in a long sleeve base later and short sleeve jersey over the top. So warm it’s hard to believe it’s Christmas next week! I’ve just “invested” in a new winter/commute bike that can take proper full length guards instead of clip-ons and clearance for 28mm tyres. Can’t wait!

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