Raleigh Dyna Tech 755 Ti

Well its the first time since I picked the Raleigh Dyna Tech 755tTi up a couple of weeks ago that I have been at home and the sun has been out and the roads were dry .


Raleigh Dyna Tech 755 ti

So here are the pictures I have been promising to take ever since .

Its 54.5cm square frame size so set in the pictures for me at 5ft 10″ . The titanium tubing is glued rather than brazed and was quite advanced for its day . The rear stay’s are pinned as it is said some of the earlier ones came unglued .


Dyna Tech Rear Stays


As can be seen its in lovely as new condition with all its original Shimano 600 groupset that includes headset, sti units , fr & rear mechanisms , hubs laced to Mavic open 4 cd rims , chainset and of course calipers .


Dyna Tech 600 Shimano


Dyna Tech Michelin Hi Lite Comp

The original Michelin HI Lite Comp 700 x 20 tyres are still as new like the rest of the bike .Ideally i would lift the black ITM stem slightly but don’t really want to risk scratching or marking it .

My ride to and from the photo site was less than a mile but it felt nice to ride and it certainly felt nice with crisp but sticky through lack of use gear changes and very smooth braking although I doubt the pads have even bedded in yet .


My local bike shop were impressed enough to comment on it and re told me the  time when their Raleigh rep said that Raleigh never expected many Dyna Techs to be used as most would become garage queens , not sure how true that is but this one certainly has been a garage queen all its life .

The original sales receipt is dated 17/06/95 and is for £879.00 ! so whats it worth today?

Seeing as its only covered 45 miles since then . Anybody interested feel free to message me and we can discuss it .

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