Will i get out Tomorrow

Sat looking at tomorrows weather forecast it does not look very promising with heavy rain showers forecast between 8 – 9 am and just in case that was not enough gale force winds with gusts of up 41 mph with rain showers mixed in as well from 11 am – 6 pm .

Weather Symbol

So looking at this I think I will be better off going out like I normally do ie nice and early about 5.30 – 6 am as it meant to be dry and 8 degrees with winds up to 17 mph so could be chilly and the roads will be damp as it has rained this afternoon .


One thing for sure is I will need a bike with guards fitted front and rear to save me getting splattered by spray thrown up by the tyres and any puddles still lying around .

I am not a fair weather cyclist but like a lot of other cyclist I don’t enjoy riding in heavy rain and windy conditions . Riding in rain when its mild and not windy is ok but when its windy the damp gets into all nooks and cranny’s .


A good waterproof jacket and a pair of winter gloves help a lot as does wearing a neck snood to keep the chill out , I even wear a thin skull cap to keep some heat in as well , but some times it can get a bit sweaty up top with that on .

The only other things needed are some lights front and rear which is a whole blog in itself .




2 thoughts on “Will i get out Tomorrow

  1. Hi,
    You certainly are a diehard cyclist (…and an English man) to brave those weather conditions to get in a ride. Sounds like your weather is being a bit uncooperative. Is this your normal winter weather?

    Glad to see that the Raleigh 8806 is back on the road. Hope you enjoy it. Not surprised to see that your Ridley is moving on. We’re about the same height and I couldn’t figure out how you could ride that biggie. My is a 52cm and fits me very well. I primarily use it for a fast road bike.

    Enjoy your new rides.



  2. In all fairness we are having good weather compared to what i would normally expect in November / December . The 8806 always rode well and when i actually gave it a proper clean it came up well just underside og down tube and bb shell .
    The Ridley is strange as even though its a 62 cm frame i can ride it no real issue other than getting the bars down a bit lower , i flipped the stem and that has really helped but its just that bit too high for long comfort miles

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