The Blues

Why did I buy a pale blue jacket !!!

When I was looking at replacing my Altura Night Vision jacket I fancied going for a different colour other than ninja black so opted for a pale blue Maddison cycling jacket. It looked the part in the shop and fitted well so paid my money and took it home .


Within a couple of weeks I noticed how grubby the breast pocket surrounding area was looking and put it down to where I keep using the zip to get at the set of keys I keep in that pocket for safety reasons .

A couple of days later my other half commented about the jacket was looking a bit grubby in places already to which I agreed and we both came to the same conclusion that it might have been a bad idea to buy a non-black jacket .

After returning from my early morning ride this morning I noticed that the sleeve cuffs were also looking dirty , all in all I now feel it was a big mistake to have gone for the pale blue option . So I can see this jacket spending a fair bit of time in the washing machine as we try to keep it looking fairly clean .

As a jacket I am well pleased , it’s kept me dry and warm through what cold and wet weather we have had so far , people have also commented that the reflective panels do the job they were intended for which is good .

I would recommend this jacket to anybody as I have been impressed so far but I would suggest buying a different colour .


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