To Clip Or Not ????

After a lovely long weekend in North Wales I came home on Monday and screwed some Wellgo cleats into the sole of my current pair of cycling shoes and swapped my pedals for a pair of Shimano spd clip in ones on my current winter road bike the blue R.E.W Reynolds .

 Blue R.E.W Reynolds

I am sure a few people will say “so what” , to me this was quite a moment in my cycling life as many years ago I swore that these were made by the devil and best left in the parts bin after a couple of clipless falls at the time .

I have had two pairs of cycling shoes fail on me after less than six months use due mainly to the cleat securing plate being torn out of its home in the base of the shoes as the cover plate kept getting caught on the base of standard flat pedals . Okay you could argue that as both pairs were only cheaper brands i.e. Crane (Aldi) and Muddyfox (Sports soccer) what can you expect .


Another reason I swapped to cleats was to make it possible to wear over shoes as it is very difficult to wear them using conventional pedals and toe cages . So I am looking forward to being able to keep my feet warm and dry whilst cycling through the winter months in the UK .


So far this week I have managed a whole 25 miles using the clipless pedals and all has gone well with no instances to report , I noticed on one 13 mile ride that my average speed was in the later area of 16 mph rather than the mid 14 mph’s I normally see how much of this was down to the conditions or the use of clipless pedals I don’t know but it certainly felt nice and positive .


The release adjustment is set to a really low level whilst I get use to clipping in and out as time passes I might just tweak the adjustment screw a bit tighter but so far so good and yes I  know its early days and miles .

A second pair of pedals have been ordered and on arrival will be fitted to the Peugeot I am currently clocking test miles on before it goes up for sale . I have quite a few pairs of Look clip in pedals that I thought about using but this would mean changing from MTB style cycle shoes to road shoes and then walking like a penguin every time I wear them which always makes me laugh when I see other cyclist’s walking around in their road shoes equipped with cleats of whatever make and style .

Ian May

Some purists say you can’t fit modern style clip in pedals on older style bikes where rat trap pedals and shiny steel cages with Alfredo Binda leather straps should only be fitted , and normally that is what my bikes are fitted with now and have been for the last 10+ years .

Dura ace pedals

I am looking forward to many happy miles and hours of cycling using clipless pedals and the benefits they produce , so will keep you posted

Giant Speeder lite

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