Friday evening waffle with steel content

This morning’s pre work ride saw the Giant Peloton complete its 100 mile test period , so it will be up for sale soon . The next bike in line for testing and evaluation is a 2000 model year Peugeot Performance road bike that was recently added to my collection . The initial ride up and down the cul de sac only showed that the brakes needed adjusting so once the cables were adjusted and tyres inflated it was ready for some gentle commuting miles before hitting the tarmac .


It looks totally original in specification apart from a few subtle changes , the Shimano flight deck sti units and mechanism’s feel nice and smooth in operation which is always a good sign . It’s a 54cm sized frame, slightly smaller than I normally ride,  so it will be interesting to see how I get on comfort wise . As long as it comes through todays 8 miles of commuting without needing loads of work doing I shall be swapping the saddle over for one of my Selle smp lite 209 that I always try to use .


This is the newest Peugeot I have had and it will be interesting to see how it compares with older models that I have used before. They have always been capable commuting and general use bikes that are happy to just trundle along in a nice relaxed manner . The last few bikes I have been using have all been sti equipped rather than down tube shifters , and to be honest I am getting to like the feel of them now but I do miss the having to tickle the lever now and again to obtain the ideal position .

 Peugoet 531 pro

The silver paintwork and contrasting decals have stood up to the test of time well with just a few small storage related marks as to be expected on a bike that is 15 years old after all .The frame is made with Columbus Aelle grade tubing and straight cro mo. steel forks so should be fairly light in weight with a nice positive feel to it .


It looks like the original Shimano sora brake calipers have been replaced by a pair of Shimano 105  “Champagne” units that seem to provide more than adequate braking on the few times I have applied the brakes so far . It looks like the wheels are the original semi aero style Rigida units and I wouldn’t be surprised if the tyres are still the original ones either and surprisingly they show little sign of any sidewall cracking and shape loss . I will be treating the Vittoria tyres with some respect for the first few miles just in case any signs of age become apparent during use . It is also fitted with a nice looking Miche headset that feels like it could do some fresh grease .


As long as today’s commute goes well the bike should see a few more gentle miles over the weekend and then hopefully a full week of use next week . I need to transfer the lights across from the Giant so I can be seen and also so I can see the road ahead . Hopefully this bike will be my “Smile a mile” bike for the week ahead .

This should be an ideal commuting machine that will hopefully be at home on the open road clocking up many a mile in the future once I have completed some testing miles .

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