R.E.W. Reynolds the 3rd

I was up early this morning as I have a couple of bikes awaiting some work to be done on them , this morning’s job was to strip down the bottom bracket on the blue R.E.W Reynolds I have had for a while but just have not got round to doing the last few jobs to finish it off .

 R.E.W Reynolds

The first job when working on any older bike is to make sure all the nuts and bolts come undone ok as there is nothing worse than not being able to undo the last bolt . I used my recent acquisition of a hooked bottom bracket spanner to undo the lock ring which released straight away once I put some pressure on it . The same applied to the two cups which both came undone without any bother as well .

 R.E.W Reynolds bb1

It looked like it was still the original Sugino bottom bracket assembly which fits in with Sugino crankset fitted . The shaft running through was checked for being straight and seemed fine so I then cleaned and checked for any excess wear on the bearing race’s which both looked very clean , just like the inside of the cups once the old dirty grease was wiped away . The caged bearings were also covered in dirty old grease so again a good wipe down on a baby wipe or two so I could inspect them for excess marking’s or wear none was found so the re build commenced .

 R.E.W Reynolds shaft

After greasing the cups the bearings were fitted and twisted to ensure the fresh grease got round all surfaces with a small amount placed on them for good measure and the non drive side good was screwed in to place and nipped up. The shaft was then inserted along with the drive side bearing and cup and nipped up to required position and then fitted the drive side arm complete with rings and hooked the chain up as well and sat there for a few minutes turning the crank arm just to make sure all surfaces were given a chance to bed in and run in fresh grease before fitting the lock ring on, once I was happy with the feel of the shaft .

 R.E.W Reynolds bb2

After removing any excess grease I fitted both pedal arms after giving them a quick clean . Please note picture below is prior to cleaning .

 Sugino crank

Next job was to fit some new inner and outer brake cable’s which was a relatively straight forward job once the brake pads were positioned to make contact with the 700c rims rather than the 27” rims that were fitted previously . I always find that I never have enough hands when I am tensioning the brakes as you are trying to squeeze the pads close enough to the rims whilst pulling the excess cable slack through the pinch bolt and then tighten the bolt up without releasing either fitting .

A few quick squeezes of both brake levers followed to make sure I had not left too much slack in the cable’s , all felt fine .

So my reward for getting up at 5.15 am was to have another bike nearly ready for testing it just needs pedals and a saddle fitting along with some tyres fitting to replace the existing ones. So hopefully this time next week it should have covered a few testing miles and then the fine tuning can start .

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