Project Ridley Crossbow

Well, project Ridley has got to the road testing stage and so far all is going well .

 Ridley crossbow

I was a bit apprehensive at first, mainly due to the frame size , the original owner advised me it was always going to be touch and go as to whether it was going to be on the large size for me .

 Ridley Crossbow

I normally set all bikes up with a saddle height of 39” and the handles bars approx. 36” high so once a set of bars were fitted I offered up the tape measure only to find they were at 40” and very little chance of getting them anywhere near 36” . The saddle was set to 39” from the ground to the top of saddle as per normal then set up as pre Selle Smp instructions . The frame is a bit on the large size at 60 + cm .

 Ridley xbow

On the initial sit on, I thought this was going to feel weird on the road  , so headed out very carefully on a route where I was no more than 4 miles away from home at any point just in case I had an issue . The first couple of miles felt fine and apart from getting used to using Sti units all over again it was going well . So I pressed on with my ride .

 Ridley crossbow

As the miles came and went I was feeling more and more comfortable with the riding position and the general feel of the bike overall . There were a couple of little niggly things like squeaky brakes , slightly offset handlebars and an annoying rattle from the rear brake cable where it kept making contact with the head tube area. These were easily sorted with a bit of adjustment here and there .

The mixture of Campagnolo sti units and Shimano mechanisms with a campagnolo rear wheel was working a lot better than I expected on the gear shifting front and the Shimano cantilever brakes were nice and sharp when operated by the levers proving some very impressive stopping power compared to the normal retro brakes I am used to .

 Ridley Crank

The bike soaks up the little bumps and ripples that seem to effect the vast majority of roads these days very well considering its running on narrow Michelin slick road tyres with over 110 psi . This might well have something to do with the damping qualities of the Zornyc carbon bladed forks along with a quality 7000 Aluminum butted frame . I should think much wider tyres could quite easily be catered for if this was going to be used a cyclo cross or even a commuting bike .

Before I realized the intended 15 mile ride was nearing completion and I was happy with the way the bike had gone and look forward to covering a few more miles on it over the next few weeks .

2 thoughts on “Project Ridley Crossbow

  1. Like the Ridley but wondering why it has such a high rise stem?
    I’ve got a very similar Columbus Altec main frame, with Carve forks & rear triangle.
    Like you I’m used to the retro frames, but find it very cool to try ‘new technology’: )

    I got a feeling I bought a Viscount from you many years ago now. 2008ish? (Does Valley Road delivery ring a bell? Was my mothers house.)
    If so you are responsible for my current interests in lightweights: )
    Me not complaining you understand?!

    I do enjoy reading your trials & tribulations: )

    • Its a lovely bike and the reason for the high stem is that it was built with only a short drop front brake hanger bracket , if a longer one was used ie 45mm you would be able to use a fairly flat or a not so steep one .

      I have a feeling we have covered the Viscount before i have sold one but from memorey the buyer collected it from us and 2008 could be right but dont see the Valley Road delivery . Wasnt it your mum that lived close by ?

      Glad to hear you enjoy my blogs i know some are better than others , glad to hear you are another retro enthusiast

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