Project Ridley

My latest project is a bit of a change from the regular bikes I buy and sell. A couple of months ago I thought I would have a try at a more modern bike so I started to keep an eye open for a likely frame. A few came along but none were hitting the spot then, out of the blue, came an opportunity to buy a lightly used 2009 Ridley X bow frameset that was about 85% of a complete bike and not just a bare frame. The price was right, the components included were right, the colour and condition were right, the only bit that I was not totally sure about was the frame size, as the seller had it listed as a 60cm sized frame that should be suitable for people 5ft 10” upwards .

 Ridley Crossbow

Seeing as I am 5ft 10” tall I thought it’s got to be worth a try , so the purchase was completed and the frame duly arrived a couple of days later . Upon a closer inspection I was more than impressed with it as it came with a lightly used Shimano 105 compact chainset, Ultegra rear mechanism, 105 front mechanism (all for 9 speed) , Shimano V brakes ,carbon fork and an Easton seat post .

 Ridley seat post

The condition reflected what the seller was telling me ie it had only been used for approx. 300 road miles early in its life and since then it had been in storage . There are some light storage related marks on the frame but nothing major and some of them should clean up okay .

 Ridley Crank

I tucked the frame away in the garage till I had a gap in the project to do list and started to think about what components to use on it . I acquired an Aende road bike a couple of weeks later and that came with a nice pair of Campagnola and Ambrosio wheels that were 9 speed specific and also came with a set of Campagnola 9 speed sti units .

Aende TT

With a gap appearing I decided last weekend that the next project would be this rather than the R.E.W Reynolds that was due to be next on the list .

 R.E.W 1st stage

Ridley has a very good reputation and image in the cycling world and I should think there are quite a few cyclists that have never heard of the name never mind experienced them . The quality of the workmanship looks to be very good and it certainly looks worthy of the image that the Ridley name has .

I am quite excited to sample another modern frameset made with alloy and carbon components and modern gear changing compared to the older style steel frameset with side pull calipers and down tube mounted non indexed gear shifting . It certainly should be the lightest bike I have ever owned and is the only cyclocross bike I have experienced .

 Ridley x box

I have gone for narrower road wheels rather than wider cyclocross ones and will be fitting 700 x 25c tyres so all in all it will be a road bike built around a cyclocross frameset . I should think a swap of wheels and tyres would make it suitable again for a bit of crossing . I think I will need to swap the stem over for a flatter item but will see once it’s up and running before making that decision .

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