Future Builds

Over the 7+ years I have been buying and selling retro road bikes I have built a few from bare frames that I have bought. These builds have either been totally done by myself or sub contracted out to my local bike shop to do some of the work and then I have finished them off . The first thing you learn is that the build normally goes over your budgeted amount for whatever reason and you also learn that the build has to be fairly flexible .

 Kinesis Racelight KIC

I always start with a basic idea of what I want the finished bike to include part wise and then go from there . I normally keep the frame for a good couple of weeks before I start the build to stop myself just fitting parts without thinking it through first . I currently have 3 framesets awaiting build, one has been with me less than 24 hours, another has been here about 2 months whilst the third has been with me for coming up to 6 months now .

The Dawes Galaxy frame build plan has always been the same from the start i.e. to be fitted with a set of butterfly bars. This will give it the multiple choice of handlebar positions a good touring bike should offer to make any long ride comfy should the rider need to . The plan has always included the fitment of a Brooks saddle as well . The rest of the build has remained flexible .


The second frameset is a Ridley Crossbow that was purchased as a complete bike minus a wheelset , gear leverage and bars so its build is always going to be a bit easier to finish off, I just need to decide on either campagnola or shimano gearing .

Ridley Crossbow

The third frameset is a good old steel Reynolds 531 frame made for Ribble that only arrived last night , my first thought on this is to build it in to a cheap single speeder or I am tempted to even try another fixed gear build .I could also have a go at building another lightweight bike i.e. sprint wheels & tubular tyres as per my current Claud Butler Sierra.


Time will tell for all 3 builds and no doubt I will blog about all in the near future.


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