Sundays Ride

Last Sunday morning’s ride was one that I was looking forward to for a few different reasons .
  • It was the first ride since swapping from flat bars to drop bars on this bike .
  • It was the second ride on this bike and I had made a few small adjustments to it to try and improve the gear change quality .
  • It was also the first ride where the road service was dry .
  • It was also the first ride with the Selle Smp saddle fitted .
  • It was the first ride since fitting new inner & outer brake cables .
So as you can see there were an awful lot of firsts for one ride , I normally only like to make one or two changes per ride so I can make sure I am happy with them instead of making loads of changes and not being able to notice any of them .
 Claud Butler Sierra
My main reason for swapping from flats to drops was to try and get more comfortable , this was also the main reason for swapping the saddle as well . All the other changes were down to standard maintenance and adjustments .
As per normal no predetermined route was in my mind as I pedaled up our drive so I headed up out of town and on to The Mad Mile, upon reaching the end  I turned right heading towards Little Harrowden and then on towards Orlingbury where I was faced with 3 choices of route. I opted for a left turn heading towards the Red House Crossroads on the A43 where I went straight across and followed the contours down to Hannington and by this time I was feeling a lot more at ease with all the changes made .
In Hannington I chose to head towards Walgrave , upon entering Walgrave I made my way past the church and up through the village and headed in the direction of Holcot , where I first spotted a hot air balloon up in the sky right in the distance . The village of Holcot was still half asleep as I rode through it, at the crossroads I turned left and headed up past the car boot ground and up the hill where I could see a few more balloons were up in the sky but still in yonder distance .
The A43 was crossed and I headed down to the lovely little Hamlet of Sywell and then on to Mears Ashby where a quick stop for some liquid refreshment and a glance skyward for the balloons and I could happily see they had grown in number to about a dozen with still more coming up , once refreshed I headed for the home of Barkers shoes ie Earls Barton , upon swinging into Earls Barton I caught a glimpse of the balloons in the sky and the numbers had increased again .
After leaving Earls Barton I headed towards the crossroads at the top of Hardwater  where I turned right towards the Rugby club and then a nice stable high speed descent into Wilby and along the old A4500 for a hundred yards before turning left in the direction of Mears Ashby as this route avoids me using the main road into Wellingborough . Mears Ashby was void of any sign of life at all but then it was only just 7.10 am on a Sunday morning and most sensible people were still cuddled up in bed , which is where I was going once I got home .
The ride from Mears Ashby to home was uneventful and I thought I would have a go and push on to see what and how the bike would react and handle , and I found the bike was more than capable of keeping up with anything I could throw at it

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