First Decent Test Ride

This morning’s early ride on the recently acquired 1986 Claud Butler Sierra was different to say the least . As it was only the second time I had ridden this bike I thought I would stay fairly local to home .


I have no idea of this bikes previous life at all , so I can’t waffle on about it, but what I can and will waffle on about  is this mornings 23 mile ride, at times I felt like just making a bee line home , but I kept going .

Claud Butler Sierra

The bike came to me with a standard set of 700c alloy rimmed wheels which have been replaced by a nice light set of Sprint and Tubular wheels as I have bagged the standard wheels for another project coming soon .

Claud Butler Seirra rr wheel

As can be seen the bike was fitted with a nice set of retro Sakae road champion flat bars which are due to be replaced by well who knows what as the jury are still out on what to fit bar wise .The bike also has a rear carrier and a set of full guards which are great for protecting the rider from Britian’s elements .

The ride this morning started off ok but I soon realised the gel saddle fitted was not as comfortable or positioned correctly on the post as my normal Selle SMP 209 lite saddle. The next thing that became apparent was that with flat bars you can’t ride on the hoods so to speak which takes away about an inch and a half of reach making you feel slightly cramped .

Next issue was the gear shifting quality as the last couple of bikes I have been using had indexed gear levers where as this has non indexed ones so it’s all done by trial and error with a small amount of lever jiggling now and then .

The wheels were spinning nice and smooth whilst the new Vittoria tubular tyres were gripping the damp roads well and making that lovely pinging noise when you nudge a stone out of the way,

Claud Butler Sierra fr wheel

As and when a hill approached I decided to make the gear selection early which meant most hills were covered at a snails pace till I felt the worst part was over and I could shift down one or two gears and gain some momentum ,

The flatter sections of the ride were done with a minimal amount of gear changes to avoid any issues .  A lot of the ride was done going into a head wind and I always felt that I positioned myself in a leaning forward position instead of retaining a fairly tucked position on a bike equipped with dropped handlebars .


So as you can see it was an eventful ride but today has seen some adjustments done to the gears , my normal Selle smp saddle fitted and adjusted and a set of drop bars fitted ready for tomorrows ride, which, fingers crossed will be a much happier affair .


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