Another R.E.W Reynolds Arrives

Earlier this week saw the arrival of another R.E.W Reynolds of Northampton road bike , I was quite excited about this ones arrival as it was the first one that is more my size than all the previous ones I have owned .

I was told by its previous owner that he had the bike since the early 80’s and was last used about 5 years ago so I was fully aware it was always going to be a project rather than a jump on ride bike .

Blue R.E.W Reynolds

Upon arrival all seemed to be inside the box which is a good sign , i did notice that the steel rimmed 27″ wheels were in a worse state than I had hoped for , a quick bit of rubbing down with some fine wire wool brought up a shine but very bubbly . Ask anybody who has ridden a steel rimmed bike in the rain and tried to stop quickly it just does not happen , so I  opted to swap them for a pair of 700c wheels .

R.E.W Rim

First problem this bought was that the caliper just did not quite have the required reach for the brake pads to sit on all of the braking surface , luckily enough i found a longer reach front caliper in my spares box and promptly swapped it over .

Once this was fitted I ventured out on a short test ride with some 20-year-old tubs and sprint wheels and a set of old brake cables , it was only a gentle short ride just to see how it felt . The test ride went ok all things considered but it was only done at just above walking pace .

The paint is best described as having some light rust but after a couple of quick goes with some t – cut it looks a lot better and i think it should come ok .The bike has all the standard touring fittings of an 80’s bike ie Bluemels ” Popular” guards , pedal  straps and cages a nice sugino ” Moxy”  chainset that should all clean up ok .

R.E.W Sugino

Bluemels Guard

Once the test ride was done the next step was to make it rideable so the headset was stripped and cleaned and re fitted with some fresh grease for a smoother feeling when turning the handle bars , some better brake pads were fitted , chainset was removed and lightly cleaned a replacement 6 speed rear cog set was fitted along with a new chain , a donor set of wheels were fitted with some plain black walled tyres , I have yet to decide whether to use clincher style wheels or tubular sprint wheels long-term but at the moment it is sat on the clinchers and has completed a full 5 miles now in this form .

R.E.W 1st stage

Once the cables have been replaced and front mudguard fitted i will update the above picture but for know this is how it was on first test ride .


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