2015 So Far

Just thought I would do an update as to where we are in 2015 seeing as we are heading towards the end of July already .


It’s been another fairly busy year with an average of 2 – 3 bike sales a month so cannot complain too much about that really . I have seen some very nice bikes make their way into the garage, some seem to have stayed for a bit longer than I would have hoped whilst others have been sold quicker than I expected .


I have tried to stay away from the sub £100 area of the market mainly because there is a very limited supply of nice retro road bikes out there that can be mechanically serviced with new parts as required and then sold for a small profit .


On the personal use bike side of the garage there been very few changes really, another Ian May has been added and this one carries the IMC prefix on its frame number. There is a likely chance that one of the Aende’s will stay, just got to decide which one . The red original Ian May is still here and has been ridden for quite a few weekend leisure rides and has covered another couple of hundred of miles on its sprint & tub wheels , whilst the yellow and silver Ian May has had limited use and is currently for sale as I realized that it is just too large for me . The blue Soens is still in the camp and has had little use since the end of January for one reason or another. The Orange Jim Soens got sold to a fellow enthusiast for the 2015 L’eroica event .

 Jim Soens

I have managed to cover a few more miles to date compared to last year so that is good, at the moment the total is just over 1950 miles . With the longest single ride being a whole 26 miles so by no means a long ride at all . I try and get my rides in so they don’t eat in to my valuable family time this often means I am out on one of my bikes before 6 am .


The majority of my commutes are now being done via local cycle paths rather than roads due to a spate of road traffic accidents involving cyclists on or near roundabouts all within 300 yards of our home over 3 days earlier in the year . This has meant that my old Marin Bear Valley mtb is getting used to do most of these commuting miles so I can take avoiding action to miss the big lumps of glass and other debris en route .

I started the year in 2 minds re the buying and selling of bikes but I don’t seem able to shake it off so will continue for the remainder of the year and see how 2016 goes .


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