Raleigh Type 8806 Deliberations

I am contemplating what to do with the Raleigh Type 8806 winter frameset I picked up a while back. The original blue and white paintwork has been touched up in quite a few places and the vast majority have been done in what looks like house paint of some description . The main area of concern is around the bottom bracket shell and the underside of the down tube , I have no doubt it would all come off ok and reveal nice clean metal .

 Raleigh Type 8806

I am more than happy that the actual bike is worthy of a refinish but just can’t decide what type and by whom. In previous rebuilds I have used a local bead blaster and powder coating company but the last frame they both did for me failed to come close to my expectations in a number of ways so will not be using either of the firms again .


I have been told about another local firm that have done work for a friend of mine to a satisfactory level at a fair cost , he claims to have used them a few times . But they only offer a single colour option and as the type 8806 came in a dual colour finish I would prefer to keep that style . Another option is to strip all the paint off around the bottom bracket and do a local repair myself .

 Raleigh type 8806

The other option is to have the frame professionally refinished by a frame refinishing company but as you can imagine the cost of this is a fair bit more than either of the above options and we don’t have a local one so if I decided to go this route I would have the added cost of getting the frame to and from them as well .

 Raleigh type 8806

My thoughts on what to do with it once the repair is complete vary. If I do a local repair then I will just build it to the same spec as it is at the moment and sell it on . If I decide on a refinish then I am contemplating fitting a complete shimano “ Claris” group set mainly because I have one sat unused in my parts bin and ok they are fairly basic but I have always found them very reliable and ok to use .

My thinking is that this would make a nice retro bike with a modern twist that would equally be at home as a training or commuting bike . Seeing as it has guard and mounting points front and rear it could also be used as a light to medium duty touring bike .

If and when I make a decision on what I decide to do with this bike I will no doubt write a separate blog about it .


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