Cycling For Pleasure

When I am out on my bike I enjoy looking and watching the scenery and nature go by. Sometimes it’s no more than a blur, other times you see it in all its glory and if you are really lucky you can get right up close before they hear you coming and make their escape .

 Zoo 15.2.13 069

The majority of wildlife I see are the standard farm animals and garden birds but from time to time something a bit more different pops up like the flock of yellowhammers I saw a couple of weeks ago as they flew along the hedgerow beside me . The regular sightings of Red Tail Kites and Buzzards normally make me slow down in the hope I will get a better view of them closer up , but sadly this has not happened yet .

 Conwy july 2014 074

At one time I was taking a compact digital camera with me to take pictures of anything I fancied as I rode along , but more recently I have just been using my mobile phone camera as this provides just as good a result and is a bit quicker to whip out of my pocket and take a picture with .

One of the main reasons I use a bike is to get some fresh air and to do some exercise. Like a lot of things I do, I don’t take it seriously enough to make myself want to be that bit quicker all of the time. If that is what I wanted from my cycling then I would join one of the many local cycling clubs and put a bit more effort in to it as well . I am more than happy going out in normal clothes rather than getting all lycred up just to save a nano second here and there as long as I am comfortable that is all that matters to me .

 Aende Tourer

Another of the main reasons is commuting as I feel it is such a waste to use a car for a journey of 1.5 miles each way four times a day. It only takes me about 8 minutes to cover the above distance via cycle paths on my old Marin Bear Valley mtb or any other of my  bikes for that matter .

I suppose my style of riding suits my preferred ride of retro road bikes over more modern alloy & carbon options in frame material , I have owned a couple of Alloy framed road bikes and even one semi Carbon Socialized Epic road bike . But one look inside the family garage and you will mostly see steal framed retro road bikes normally from the late 70’s to the early 90’s .

R.E.W Reynolds


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