Today’s ride

Well this mornings ride was the furthest I have done so far on the Aende touring bike that I recently acquired .

I was impressed with it when I did 18 miles the day before with a few smallish hills en route which the bike handled with ease thanks to a 3  x  7 set up that looks like it could almost get you up Everest .

Aende Tourer

I left home and headed up out of the Boro via the mad mile straight , now normally I turn left but decided to go right today and along to Little Harrowden and on to Orlingbury where I forked left by the village green and along the gentle incline of Redhouse Road up to the A43 where I crossed straight over and headed down towards Hannington .

Empty road

The road descends down into Hannington till just before All St Church where I exited the village heading towards the next village of Holcot where there are some lovely houses, some small and some on the larger size . After winding through the village I turned left at the cross roads along Sywell Road past the car boot site and up the hill towards the roundabout on the A43 where I crossed straight over heading towards Sywell .

Just before the Horseshoe pub I spotted a tree with some massive fungi sprouting out of it,


these were easily 12″ across and stuck out about 10″ from the bark . In and out of Sywell via church lane and headed off towards Mears Ashby, again the roads were still traffic free which is one of the main reasons why I enjoy dragging my backside out of bed early .


A nice fast descent where I saw 32 mph appear on the Garmin quickly followed by a short sharp rise where I saw the only other cyclist of the day going in the opposite direction we swapped a nod and carried on our ways . Next village on route was Earls Barton and then along to the cross roads at the top of Hardwater where I turned left up towards the rugby club quickly followed by another speedy descent into Wilby where I headed off up Mears Ashby Road .


I stopped and took a picture of the poppies growing on the verge and had a drink as well, then on we go again along the undulating road into Mears Ashby village where I headed for Highfield Road and back towards Wellingborough, through the aptly named Moonshine Gap before turning right down the Mad Mile and towards home , all in all a very nice ride that covered 23.58 miles at an average speed of 16.3 mph.

The Aende tourer rode well and I enjoyed the ride .

Aende Tourer rr stay


2 thoughts on “Today’s ride

  1. Well done, though I have to admit that when I go out for a cycle I like to round them up. I must be a bit ‘ocd’ ie 20 and 25 miles. I would have had to go around the block a couple of times 😉

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