Little use

So just how many people buy bikes and then never use them ?
Only asking as I picked up a very tidy Peugoet 531 Pro with model code cr500 last night and it looks like it has seen hardly any use at all . All the rear cogs are nice and clean with no buildup of grime or rubbish which can happen quite quickly . The teeth have very little sign of wear on them at all .
 Peugeot 531 pro
Upon initial inspection, it was covered in what I thought was a waxy residue but in fact this was just layers of dust from being in hibernation for at least 12 years. Once wiped down with a wet wipe all the dirt and dust disappeared to reveal the original creamy white paint finish that looked as good as new .
 Peugeot pro 531
The bike is fitted with a full complement of “Cat Eye” accessories i.e. front and rear light set and a CC-CL100 cordless computer unit all of these are in a spotless condition and seem to work as intended. There is also a Lezyne micro pump and a “ Bushwacker” under saddle bag complete with a “ Halfords” puncture repair kit and associated tools, again these all look unused as does the “Rolls” turbo saddle .
 Peugoet 531 pro
I have struggled to find the original specification on line,  but have no doubt that the Shimano 105 equipment fitted is all original as the “ champagne” finish of the groupset compliment the paintwork well . Again there are little or no signs of wear on the brake lever blades or downtube mounted indexed gear levers, even the bar tape is very clean and unmarked .
It was with some intrepidation that I released both of the Allen key bolts for the Miche aero seat post and Peugeot branded quill stem as I was slightly concerned these might have been stuck fast but thankfully both released and enabled adjustment just as if they were new .
The stainless wheel spokes were covered in cobwebs but again a quick wipe and they came clean and shiny as did the black anodized Mavic wheel rims . The Hutchinson tyres look as good as new with little or no sidewall cracking and have so far held pressure for 24 hours .
 Peugeot 531 pro
A quick early morning test ride was taken very carefully and proved to be trouble-free and very smooth although there does seem to be a bit more than normal resistance on the crank which is more than likely due to the original grease drying up. The brakes were applied and seemed to stop ok with a minimal amount of juddering and noise, so once the inner cables are replaced all should be as good as new in that department. The exposed sections of inner gear cable have discolored but only as per expectations, again these will be replaced . Gear changing is as smooth and precise which is always a good sign .
This is the second bike I have found recently that looks like it has led a sheltered life , the other was a Raleigh Ventura but the condition of this one beats that by far .

3 thoughts on “Little use

  1. Very nice!

    Not 80’s but I picked up a 1995 Coppi Lugano 53 in Team Polti colours and what seems to be a very rare or prototype FiR groupset that has been ridden a maximum of 300 miles.

    It’s a beautiful bike with a Columbus Genius frame, the rest of the groupset – calipers, crankset, cassette – are Dura Ace 7400 and the wheels are beautiful and again,seem to be very rare Alpina hubs laced to FiR EA80 rims. It’s great for me but such a shame it hasn’t been enjoyed fully.

  2. Hello,
    Is nice to find a place online that shares the love for these ladies and gents from the old days.
    Finding shops in Amsterdam that know about these bikes and want to repair them is not an easy task.
    I am concerned about my bike breaks and you mention that they should not make any noise when breaking.
    I have more questions which may be simple or silly but cannot find clear answers online.
    Is there an email address i can contact you at
    Keep up these nice reviews
    Regards from Amsterdam

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