Well i was lucky enough to finally get my hands on not one but two Aende’s last week .

A few years ago I had a John Fearne (Leicester) road bike which was a glorious bike to ride , but I never managed to track down who made the frame , Hillary Stone thought it could have been an Aende but that was an educated guess .

I have not seen many Aendes come up for sale at all over the years and the ones I have seen go for good sums of money , so never really expected to be able to own one never mind two .

Aende Tourer

Both of these machines were obtained off the original owner who told me the following about the bikes:-

” When were they built?” ” Well, I think the tourer was built in 1986, so the racer would have been a year later. I could be out by a year, making it ’85 and ’86 instead.”

“Back in the day, the bespoke approach was to buy a frame and then build it up with the components of your choosing. Having a ‘made to measure’ frame was taking this approach one step further. A good friend of mine at the time worked in a bike shop in Hull called Ken Ellerker’s (I’ve just googled it and it’s still in business but my friend passed away some years ago). Being a cyclist all his life and knowing the trade, he was able to advise on what components to buy. So, I visited Pongo and got sized up: he could look you up and down and know what size frame you’d need! Once the frames were built and collected from Pongo’s my friend built them in his shed with the parts I bought separately from ‘Ellerker’s’. The bikes as they currently stand are just about the same as the day of their maiden voyage. I changed the saddle on the racer and, as I mentioned, it’s front wheel is a Campag from a second set of wheels I had – I’ve no idea where the front Dura Ace wheel has gone or for that matter where the Campag rear has gone!”

“As for their use, well, one or the other would have been used most weekends, holidays and some evenings during the summer months until around 1990. Once I got the racer on the road I did tend to favour this over the tourer for general riding too, although you could get a few negative comments from the CTC group I road with over the lack of mud guards. But hey, if my memory serves me well all the summers back then were long dry and hot! Racing wise I’d do 10’s, 25’s and the odd 50 mile TT but never got around to road racing.”

“I returned to full time education in 1989 and didn’t seem to have the time to cycle much. Over the years I made the odd ‘come back’ which lasted a few months but seemed to fizzle out. All the while the two bikes have been stored in sheds, garages and spare bedrooms ”

Aende Road Bike

They both have some very nice parts on them  like Campag & Shimano aero posts , Campag & Dura ace pedals , Cinelli bars and stems , Brooks Professional and Rolls saddles.

Aende tourer saddledura ace post

So far I have covered more miles on the tourer and have found it very nice indeed to ride , but I have been itching to try the Road bike , so stripped down the very stiff and notchy Dura ace headset , and re assembled it with some fresh grease. It’s now a lot smoother but it just doesn’t feel right . I also need to either ride it with the sprint & tub wheel supplied or find a 19c Clincher tyre as a 700 x 23c tyre rubs against the underside of the front brake caliper, it’s that tight for clearance but the 2 short rides I have had on the road bike have certainly been very nice rides , I will keep you updated as time goes by .

I dropped the tourer down to my local bike shop yesterday for them to do their business on the wheels and bottom bracket then I can carry on with the simpler jobs upon its return.


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