Latest Arrival Revell

Well it has been a few good years since I have had another Revell in the garage.

I picked my latest one up on Monday night and I must admit I had forgotten how well they rode. The first one I owned came from a relative who was selling his late brothers collection of road and racing bikes , as can be clearly seen from picture below it came with bull bars and from what I can remember they were very wide and when I queried it with the seller he claimed they were tandem pillion bars .


My memory is not good enough to remember much else about the bike apart from it was Reynolds 531 and it was silver in colour , not a lot to go on at all . I have watched out for other Revells since but you don’t see many come up for sale at all .

My latest one is a clean example that I am guessing dates from the early to mid 80’s, not quite sure why I think that but that is my gut feeling . It is made with Ishiwata 0245 tubing and feels quite light and nimble so far. The bike seems to carry most of the original parts it was fitted with, both Campag mechanisms look to be about the right period as do the Shimano 600 engraved gear levers, the SR quill stem and  Sakae bar combo with a nice pair of non aero drilled brake levers of unknown origin .

 Revell Head Badge

 The paintwork seems to have stood the test of time very well with just a few little blemishes apparent, all decals are intact including the Ishiwata tube decal and a Dave Eldin sticker who I can only presume either sold the bike or looked after it at some point in its life . The only sign of wear is on the suede saddle but it is still a comfy item to rest your backside on , the brake lever hoods are also nice and crumbly but they are there and offer a degree of comfort when riding on the hoods .

 Ishiwata 0245

At first inspection I thought the hubs were Campag items but upon wiping the dirt and dust away what I thought was the Campag logo disappeared into the ether and no logo is apparent. Although both quick release levers seem to have the wording Ofmega hiding under the thin layer of oxidation , these hubs are laced via stainless spokes to a nice pair of Rigida 27 x 1 ¼” rims. The tyres that came with it were beyond use and have been replaced at the moment with 1 new Panaracer Pasella and 1 used tyre whilst the second new Panaracer wings its way from the online retailer .


So far, apart from swapping the tyres as mentioned above, the only other work that has been done is to strip and clean the headset and rebuild with some fresh grease to make the steering a bit smoother and a quick clean of the brake caliper and front mudguard whilst the fork was separated from the frame. I also took the opportunity to apply some polish to the paintwork on the forks and head tube, the rest of the frame had a quick “Babywipe” down to remove the light dirt and dust layer.  A better polish will follow soon on the remaining sections of the bike . I will also be stripping and overhauling the bottom bracket although it does feel very smooth in operation but I can’t imagine some fresh  grease won’t go amiss as it would in the wheel bearings too . Next job is to replace the cables although I can’t make my mind up on the red cables which seem to be in good condition . I am in two minds about swapping the 5 speed rear cog set for a more flexible 6 speed one.

At the moment with just under 6 miles ridden I can honestly say I am impressed and look forward to covering many a happy mile on it in the near future


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