Raleigh Royal 1986

Last night I picked up what looks to be a very nice and original 1986 ish Raleigh Royal from the early 80’s.

Upon quick inspection it looks like it just needs a good lube service along with some new cables and brake pads to go along with the already replaced tyres which were good tread wise but the front side wall was a bit too cracked for my liking . My initial 4+ mile return commute seems to confirm the above statement .

Raleigh Royal

The paintwork is very clean and tidy for a bike that is around 30 years old and looks to be of a standard showroom specification. This will be a work at it as I go along project I think for the vast majority of the required work, starting with a clean and re grease of the headset bearings. Whilst the forks are out they will get a good thorough polishing on the paintwork and chrome work . The front wheel spokes will get a light rubbing down with some wire wool to remove the tarnishing that has taken place on the galvanized items, once that has been done the hub will get a bit of attention along with some cleaning and fresh grease .

Raleigh Royal ForkP

Next up will be the brake cables as they feel a bit slow on the return at the moment, once they are done new brake pads will also be fitted to give the bike a bit more stopping power . Next up will be the drive train, first of all the chain will get a bit of a cleaning to see what it looks like although in the long run I might just fit a new chain and give the rear gear block and jockey wheels a bit more of a clean . The rear wheel spokes also need a bit of de-tarnishing whilst both rims could do with some polish and elbow grease .

Raleigh Royal Rear Wheel

By the time all the above has been done it should be ready to roll. All it will need is someone to take ownership and use accordingly, it would make an ideal bike for the 2015 L’erioca


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