My Carlton Pro Am

Aprox 18 months ago I swapped a nice little Swinnerton road bike for a completely stripped Carlton pro am12.


It was initially pushed to one side to wait its turn amongst my other current projects , well a couple of weeks ago it finally reached the top of the pile , and the rebuild started .



The paintwork was left untouched along with all its original patina from over 30 years of use , which I feel is the best approach rather than going for a complete repaint and losing all its originality in one fell swoop . I wanted to try and keep it as near as standard as possible so retained original gear mechanisms and levers along with brake calipers and levers , handlebars , stem and seat post .

The original crank set had long gone so the nearest one I had in my parts box was used , this being a slightly more modern stronglight set that I feel does not look out of place . The original wheels were used on a much earlier project of mine so a hunt through my stock of wheels gave me a choice of sprint & tub wheels or a mixed age set of clincher style wheels , I have decided at the moment to use the clinchers but might change my mind yet .

The build included new bottom bracket , 7 speed block , chain , cables all round , a pair of Vittorio Zaffiro tyres , cleaned and re greased wheel and headset bearings along with both wheels being re trued where required . I am afraid to say the vast majority of this work was carried out by local bike shop C E Adkins and then I finished it all off .

Its initial test ride was a successful one with the only issues being found were the front mechanism stops wanting a slight tweak and a very noisy rear brake which squealed rather loudly when applied , but then what can you expect as when removed the pads looked like they were the original pads !


At the moment I have covered a grand total of 12 miles so it is early days but I can say it rides very nicely and I am looking forward to putting a few more miles on it .

This was sold aprox 1 year ago but thought i would share it again


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